September Book Haul + Wrap Up | 2016

September is already over?! That is so crazy. That means Autumn is a third done already!! I don’t want my favourite season to end! … If I could live in a world where the regions are categorized by the seasons, I would live on the brink of Autumn and Winter. Honestly. I’d totally do that. I might miss Spring, and even the warmth of Summer, but it’d be worth it. Anyway!

Here are the books I’ve gotten this month! Continue reading

August ’16 Wrap Up & Book Haul

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing okay, and that August treated you well? Today’s post, as you can tell, is my August Wrap Up of 2016. It’s crazy how fast time has moved! We’re already 8/12ths into the year! — Honestly though, I’m so excited for Autumn/Fall to be here. I love when the leaves change colour, and the cozy sweaters, and the boots I get to wear. Autumn makes me happy! Anyway, onto the Wrap Up!

This past month reading-wise has been great for me. I’ve somehow managed to read 12 books!! That’s honestly so crazy. Continue reading

July Wrap Up | 2016

Hello all! I hope that July was good for you? I know here on the Western part of Canada, the weather was acting weirdly. In the first two glorious weeks, it rained almost everyday. Then these last two weeks have been hot and sunny! I miss the rain!! Continue reading

June 2016 Wrap Up

Well everyone, we’ve made it into halfway of the year. As I’ve written this, it will be posted on July 1st, which in Canada, is Canada Day. I don’t really plan on doing anything exciting. Just staying home as if it were any other day. I’m not too excited because honestly, statistically speaking, the first of July is always one of the hottest days of the summer, and I can’t stand it. Fortunately, the weather calls for it to be cloudy! Unless I just jinxed it.. Aside from me whining though….

I hope everyone’s June was good? The weather here in Vancouver was weird. It would rain one week, and then be hot and sunny the next. Kind of like how the beginning of Spring was supposed to be. I guess Earth really is changing. I want it to rain more in July, though. I really, really, love the rain.. Anyway! I’ve counted all the books that I’ve read this month, and the number higher than I thought it would be! Continue reading

May Book Haul & Wrap Up | 2016

Hello lovelies!! How was your May?? I hope all was well for you!

May was a weird month for me! I applied to a few jobs, and sadly, no one got back to me. That only meant that I had way more time to read. So I’m not complaining all that much, aha. May went by so quickly!!I read 15 books this month! There were also a lot of book reviews posted, a few Top 5 Wednesdays as per usual and a few TBR Tuesday’s.

So the books I reviewed this month vary from genre to genre. I’m finding that the books I’ve been interested in reading are starting to be more around my own age than anything young adult. Don’t get me wrong, I still read quite a bit of Young Adult. I’m just remembering more of the slightly older characters more interesting since they’re around my own age. I’m finding that I enjoy and appreciate their point of views. Continue reading

March 2016 | Wrap Up

Hello all! I hope March has treated you well. March for me was alright. It wasn’t the greatest, but I didn’t have the best time either. The weather has been really great here in British Columbia though!

March, like all the other months, seem to have had nothing happen in reflection, when actually so much happened; I can’t even remember all of it. In the beginning of March, it was my mom’s birthday. From then on everything else is just a blur, haha. I just read this morning that Leigh Bardugo will be writing Wonder Woman’s story! I’m so excited. There isn’t even enough mentions about Wonder Woman lately, in my opinion. I’m happy Marvel asked her to do that. I know next to nothing about Wonder Woman. (I found out via Leigh Bardugo’s Instagram account.) Continue reading