Sunday Post + Life Updates + New Shop! ||#001

Hello hello hello! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, how are you doing? Are you keeping busy this season?

*whispers*I know that this Sunday Post + Life Updates is going up on a Monday. Just pretend that it’s a Sunday for a sec.*

Sunday Post Life Updates

I’m going to keep these posts as unedited as possible. I’ll be spelling things correctly, so no need to worry about that. Haha. In these posts I just want to let my mind wander as it does, and give you some life updates, as I’m remembering them. A journal of sorts, if you will.

For me, this season (so far) has been in three modes:

  • I sleep 15 hours a day and am cold all the time.
  • I’m sewing 5+ hours a day.
  • I do nothing which makes me anxious and depressed which then leads me to procrastinate even more.

Today though I managed to go Coles (a bookstore here in Canada) a town over. I went there to buy The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. Now I just have to read The Wicked King………

I would have bought The Queen of Nothing from the Chapters in my hometown if the Indigo/Chapters brought in any new books (which they don’t seem to do) ever. This makes me think that the store is possibly closing down. I honestly don’t blame the store though if that’s the case. The rent here for both store spaces and homes are…..astronomical.

On a different note: my sister-in-law was having a craft fair yesterday and I told her I would go, but I ended up not going because I was sleeping through it! I feel so freaking bad about that, ughsaid I would go and I ended up not going. — Though I did tell her why I wasn’t going. But I haven’t gotten a response from her and that makes me think that she’s mad at me. I hope that isn’t the case! Another reason why I didn’t go is because I’m so broke! (Note: I bought The Queen of Nothing with some gift cards I had)

Have you decorated for the winter season? I wanted to start decorating last week (Nov. 17-24). My mom is adamant about not decorating until at least December 1st, which, in all honesty, takes all of the holiday decorating fun away from the experience. Thus: when I do decorate it feels more like a chore.

So I’m going to be doing these Sunday Posts as Life Updates bi-weekly. I’d do them every week if I could, but I suspect that I’m going to be pretty busy with Cozy Library (aka, my Etsy shop). And nothing interesting ever goes on in my life (I’m pretty boring tbqh).

If you didn’t know, I have a new shop called Cozy Library on Etsy where I’m making and selling book sleeves! I have 1 size so far:

  • Small: fits paperbacks and hardcover novels. + iPad Pro 11in. very well.

I also have medium and large sizes as well—-but those will be going up sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.

  • Medium: fits the taller hardcover novels and various other books. I believe that the medium sleeve would fit the 12.9 in. iPad Pro.
  • Large: the large sleeves fits those think and tall hardcover novels extremely well-even with the books’ dust-jacket on!

In the future I hope to expand my shop into other various items such as bookmarks that I design, stickers, scrunchies, and maybe even candles. Fun fact: I’ve been wanting to make candles all my life so making candles would be a huge dream accomplishment for me!

How have you been?

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See you soon, and Happy Reading!


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