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Hello friends! Today I have a book tag for you all!

I haven’t done a book tag in what seems like forever, so I’m quite excited for this one.

I found the Book Blogger Confessions tag over on Emma’s Books. Don’t forget to check out  Emma’s answers!


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Which book, most recently, did you not finish?

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Netgalley Book Tag

Hello friends! Today I’m doing another book tag! Haha. These book tags seem to keep on popping up, and I for one, am all for them.

Anyhoozles, I found this tag on Bookish Bibliophile. Make sure to check out their post!


  • Link back to the tag’s creator Kourtni @Kourtni Reads.
  • Thank and link back to the person who tagged you. (no one did lol)
  • Answer the questions the best you can. If you don’t use NetGalley, you can substitute other sites or places where you get books!

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1. Auto-Approved: Who’s one author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they’re about?

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My Blog’s Name in Books | TAG (V.02)

my name in booksHello everyone! I know I’ve done this tag before, but I enjoyed it so much that I want to do it again.

When I first completed this tag, I used titles that I haven’t read before. This time I’m doing so again, but next time I just might change it up a bit.

If you’re interested in reading the first version I completed, then click here.

flower dividerHere are the original rules,

• Spell out your blog’s name.
• Find a book from your TBR that begins with each letter.
NOTE: You cannot ADD to your TBR to complete this challenge – the books must already be on your Goodreads TBR. Don’t cheat my friends!!!!!

This time around I changed the rules a little bit. I did use my GoodReads TBR, but only with a handful of titles. The rest I don’t think I have on my TBR. I have these on my kindle app just waiting to be read. Which in my opinion, is just another TBR list. However a more personal one.

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3 Bookish Things Tag

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Hello friends! Today’s post is actually the 3 Bookish Things Tag!

I found this tag via the Bookdragonism so make sure to check out their post!

I hope you enjoy. I may have cheated on one of my answers but that’s quite okay, haha.

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3 Favourite Authors

There are so many great authors out there. It’s kinda hard to choose who could be my favourite authors. But here are three authors I’ve read from and would definitely read their work again! Continue reading

The Book Addiction Tag

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I was tagged by the lovely bookwormbrittanyy ! Thank you so much for tagging me. You can see her post here.

What is the longest amount of time you can comfortably go without picking up a book?

It honestly depends on my mood. Sometimes all I want to do is read, sometimes I’ll do anything but read. Usually a week or so. Give or take a few days.

How many books do you carry on your person (or kindle) at any one time? Continue reading

Genre Book Tag

genreI saw that Lizbie did this tag and thought it was interesting, so I thought I’d do it myself. Don’t forget to check out Lizbie’s answers!

How this tag works is that there is a set of questions and we answer them. We don’t have to make up any questions, yay!

Onto the tag!

1- What is your favourite genre? 

My favourite genre is fantasy. I love the worlds that people can create, or even retellings of previous stories. Examples like Beauty and the Beast retellings, or Cinderella retellings. I’ve even read a Nutcracker retelling that was pretty good!

Honestly though, I love that with Fantasy stories, whether they’re High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy or something in-between, the fact that I can escape into the book is what I love and enjoy most about the Fantasy genre.

2- Who is your favourite author from that genre?  Continue reading

Autumn Activities Book Tag

BLEHHHHHHello friends! Today I have the Autumn Activities Book Tag for you all! I am pretty excited about this tag, since I made a new banner / separator-thingy-mabob.

I’ve been looking for a while — I mean, I started looking for Autumnal/Fall tags and anything autumn book related since the middle of August. Thank you, Popular Craft Store for putting out your Halloween decorations out in July.. Anyway! Since I consider summer over once September is upon is, I prepared this lovely tag for today!

I found this tag over on Beth’s blog Reading Every Night, I’d appreciate it so much if you were to go over there and show Beth some love! I only changed a bit of the title, which in her post is called the “Fall Activities Book Tag” and of course, our answers are different.

Let’s get into the tag; I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

Life In Books| Tag


I found this Life In Books tag over at Jamsu’s blog Jamsudreams, so go check out her answers!

I like the questions so I thought, “Hey why not.” So here we are!

1. Find a book for each of your initials

All the Wicked Girls by Chris Whitaker

Carnival of Secrets by Marissa Meyer

Copycat by Hannah Jayne

2. Count your age along your bookshelf — what book is it? 

The 23rd book on my shelf is All the Rage by Courtney Summers.

3. A book set in your city/country

I rarely read books that are set in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve never actually come across a book set in my hometown, so Vancouver it is! Love is Love by Mette Bach is set in Vancouver and my friends, my heart became all warm and fuzzy once I realized that Love is Love takes place here.

4. A book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to

5. A book that’s your favourite colour

I have so many favourite colours! So many! But I guess I have a THING for Gold + colours on books, hahahaha.

6. Which book do you have fondest memories of? 

The book I have the fondest memories of is A Court of Mist and Fury as well as A Court of Wings and Ruin. I remember reading one of those books from start to finish, no breaks save for the bathroom and snacks. It took me 10 hours to read one book. My legs went numb, and I legitimately had a few headaches from reading for so long, ahaha. It was worth it though!

7. Which book did you have the most difficulty reading? 

I have the most difficulty reading All the Rage to be honest with you. I’ve tried to read that book a few times. I always end up crying and stopping.

8. Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it? 

To be honest, any book over 500 pages is now an accomplishment. Seriously. So I guess that means that Dreams of Gods and Monsters, which is 613 pages in hardcover, will be my biggest accomplishment.


That’s it for the questions! I hope you enjoyed, and if you end up doing this tag, I’d love to see your answers!

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Reading!
— Adele