October 2019 Wrap-Up


Hello friends! Welcome to another one of my monthly wrap-ups.

I want to include some cute and witty banter, but honestly, I’ve got nothing😂. October, as per usual, was a particularly busy month for me, as it usually is every single year. Since I live in Canada, we had our Thanksgiving, friends giving, autumn turn over supper, in October! Then there were a few birthdays (including mine), and then it was Halloween.

So really, this past October was over and done before it had even begun.

What was your October like? 

what did i read this month

Here’s what I read in October:

  • Compel Me (The Last Vocari, #1), by Elena Lawson — 2⭐️
  • Shadow Caster (The Night Watcher Academy, #1), by Debbie Cassidy —
  • Wicked Gods (Gifted Academy, #1), by Michelle Hercules —
  • First Term (Dragon Shifter Academy, #1), by Rachel Jonas —
  • The Fire Thief (The Fire Thief, #1), by Gwynn White, Erin St. Pierre — 3.5⭐️
  • Unchained (Feathers and Fire, #1), by Shayne Silvers — 2⭐️
  • Claiming (To Tame A Shifter, #2) by A.K. Koonce — 3⭐️
  • Sustaining (To Tame A Shifter, #3) by A.K. Koonce — 3⭐️
  • Maiming (To Tame A Shifter, #4) by A.K. Koonce — 3⭐️
  • Reigning (To Tame A Shifter, #5) by A.K. Koonce — 3⭐️
  • A Curse So Dark and Lonely (Cursebreakders, #1) by Brigid Kemmerer — 3⭐️
  • Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows, #3) by Kim Harrison — 3⭐️
  • A Fistful of Charms (The Hollows, #4) by Kim Harrison — 4⭐️
  • For a Few Demons More (The Hollows, #5) by Kim Harrison — 4⭐️

Did Not Finish

  • The Graces (The Graces, #1) by Laure Eve –1⭐️

Considering how busy, and how stressful parts of October were for me, I’m surprised at how much I managed to read! I always feel like I’m going to end up reading only 1 or 2 books a month. I always surprise myself…

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What I’ve Reviewed over this month:

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Here’s what I’ve posted this month (Non-book-review related):

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See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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