March + April 2020 Wrap Up


Hello lovelies! I’m back again with another post! As you can see by the title, I’m posting my March + April 2020 Wrap Up.

I don’t know what I did during March, buuuut, I only ended up reading 2 books. Which is no big deal! I’m pretty sure in March I was swallowed up by my shop and the orders I’d gotten… And perhaps I watched a lot of anime…Well, I remember March being a good, if not shaky, month for me.

In April I got a Digital Bullet Journal. I don’t have many stickers for said journal yet, but, hopefully I’ll be acquiring some over the next months. I like decorating my little journal–it’s fun!

Also, I read a lot in April. Like, the last two weeks of April for me was like READ READ READ. So I did! 😂

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what did i read this month

What I read in March:

  • The June Boys by Courtney C. Stevens — 4 stars
  • Lia, Human of Utah by Greg Ramsey — 1 star

What I read in April:

  • Dead in the Water (Gemini, #1) by Hailey Edwards — 2 stars
  • Head Above Water (Gemini, #2) by Hailey Edwards — 3 stars
  • Hell or High Water (Gemini, #3) by Hailey Edwards — 2 stars
  • The Raven and the Dove (The Raven and the Dove, #1) by Kaitlyn Davis — 3 stars
  • Claimed by Gods (Their Dark Valkyrie, #1) by Eva Chase– 4 stars
  • The Lost and the Chosen (The Lost Sentinel, #1) by Ivy Asher — 5 stars
  • Awakened and Betrayed (The Lost Sentinel, #2) by Ivy Asher — 4 stars
  • The Marked and the Broken (The Lost Sentinel, #3) — 4 stars
  • Found and Forged (The Lost Sentinel, #4) by Ivy Asher — 5 stars
  • Bound to Gods (Their Dark Valkyrie, #2) by Eva Chase — 2 stars
  • Stone Cold (Gods & Monsters) by Kate Nova — 2 stars
  • Supernatural Inmate (Supernatural Captivity, #1) by Avery Song
  • Monstrous Things (Gods & Monsters, #2) by Kate Nova — 2 stars
  • Shattered Curse (Gods & Monsters, #3) by Kate Nova — 3 stars
  • The Fairer Hex (A Witch Among Warlocks, #1) by Lidiya Foxglove — 2 stars
  • Dragon’s Guard (The Dragon Shifter’s Mates, #1) by Eva Chase — 3 stars
  • Shadowborn Academy: Year One (Dark Fae Academy series, #1) by G. Bailey & Scarlett Snow — 5 stars

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What I Reviewed:

What I’ve Posted:

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So that’s what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks. What’ve you been up to?

Thank you so much for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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