Library Reads #46


Library Reads: I’m a huge fan of libraries. I tend to visit the library quite often, and I even come across great finds. These Library Reads posts are where I write a tad about the books I’ve borrowed.

In this post I’ll write about what books I borrowed, and what I think of the books before I actually start reading them. Whether what I say is a sentence or a few sentences long, here I catalogue the books I’ve borrowed. — From doing these posts I hope to spread a little love for libraries and the stories they can give us.

The deal-io is that my local library just had a grand re-opening. And I went to said library the day after the grand re-opening. And then when I perused the library, I realized that there seemed to be many more books than there had been before. And thus….I borrowed 11 books…



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Amber & Dusk by Lyra Selene

I’ve borrowed Amber & Dusk previously but I never got around to finishing the novel. Nor did I really have the time to get into the book. I read a few pages and then bam! I had to return it to the library. Hopefully this time around, I’ll be able to complete my read through of Amber & Dusk.

Batman by Marie Lu

I do enjoy the batman storyline….but I’m not invested in his story. I don’t think by reading Batman that I’ll end up interested in the story, but I am interested in how Marie Lu ends up telling Batman’s life.

Can You Keep A Secret? by R.L. Stine

I stumbled across Can You Keep A Secret and when I read what it was about, and saw that there were some potential paranormal/supernatural elements to the story, I immediately added Can You Keep A Secret? to the library pile. I’m also intrigued by the wolf attacks which have plagued the town that the main characters are from.

The Chosen by Taran Matharu

I have been waiting to read The Chosen for a bit now. I really enjoyed Matharu’s other series called Summoner. I’m honestly really intrigued about the main character since I’ve heard (briefly) that the story centres around blades, and maybe assassins? I don’t know, but I am looking forward to reading The Chosen.

You can find my review for The Novice (Summoner, #1) here.

Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen

I have been looking forward to reading Dark Shores for so long now. I’m not even kidding when I say that I saw this book on the shelf and immediately pulled it off to take it home.

Menagerie by Rachel Vincent

I’ve been wanting to reading Rachel Vincent’s work for a while now, but I don’t know where to start with her work! Since I saw Menagerie on the shelves in the sci-fi/fantasy section though, I took it as well. I’m curious about what will happen, and the truths that will be realized. I hope there’s a bit of romance, too, just to spark things up a bit…

Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter

I have had Dragons on my mind, off and on, for the longest time now. And I think that this book is the first in it’s series, so I’m quite happy about that!

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

i’ve tried reading Spinning Silver before and I…didn’t really like the dual points of view that were going on within the story. Hopefully now though I’ll be able to enjoy it. If not…it’s no big deal because it’s a library copy.

To Be Honest by Maggie Ann Martin

I have an inkling of what To Be Honest should be about, but I’m not entirely sure. And yes, since the copy I have is a library book, I decided to give To Be Honest a go. I’m going to keep my mind open, and my expectations low when I read To Be Honest, however. Especially because I expect that I won’t end up liking the story.

Truly, Madly, Deadly, by Hannah Jayne — which is a re-read that i’m super excited about. — Hannah Jayne’s YA Mystery/Suspense/Thriller novels are honestly some of my favourite books. I’m working on collecting my own copies…

And those are the books that I’ve borrowed lately! Have you read any of them, and what did you think of them? If you have any book recommendations, I’m open to hearing them!

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Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!

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