Mave Fortune, by Elizabeth Dear | Book Review

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Today I have my book review of:

Mave Fortune, by Elizabeth Dear.

Mave Fortune is the first book in the Blackstone Academy series.

Trigger Warnings include: Sexism, Homophobia, Bullying, Partner abuse, Manipulation, Drugging, Kidnapping, Beating/Torture, Fighting, Blood, Gun Shot, Stabbing, Underage drinking, and sexual content.

Please note that there may have been a few possible triggers that I may have missed.

When my family left our small, ultra-conservative pack back in Utah to join a giant pack in Northwest Louisiana, I thought I’d be able to coast through my last year of high school in semi-anonymity, then get the fuck away from wolf pack politics and just live my life for awhile. But the Moon decided to prolong my torture by placing my fated mate in front of my face on my first day at Blackstone Academy. He’s the Alpha’s son and king of a school crawling with shifters, and it turns out he doesn’t care to be saddled with a Moon-chosen mate who he thinks is a nobody-omega wolf.

When he rejects me in front of every shifter in school, I vow to harden my heart, become impervious to the constant, deep hurt of the rejection, and figure out how to be the first wolf in known history to shake the taint of a rejected fated mate bond.

I’m also becoming closer to a new student—a smoking hot and intriguing human, who I can’t manage to scare off even with the drama that surrounds me and the poisonous pack politics that I can’t seem to escape. I can’t even tell him what’s really going on, but I think he’s keeping secrets from me, too.

I’m Mave Fortune, and my mate threw me out like yesterday’s garbage. But fuck that guy.

This is a new adult, M/F rejected mates standalone story. It is intended for the 18+ crowd and contains foul language, some mild violence, and sexual scenes. If you’re a fan of upper YA/NA, wolf shifters, academy romances and the tropes associated with each, dive right in!

Let me start off this book review by saying that while I was interested in reading the story, I had a huge inkling that Mave Fortune was going to be a tough read.

And boy was I wrong. I read and ended up loving Mave Fortune and her story.

Note that I didn’t jot down all the thoughts I had while reading the story. I was too busy enjoying it!

What surprised me about this book was well, everything. Truly though, I’m so glad that I gave Mave Fortune a chance. I wasn’t going to because… well, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the harassment and sexualization that most omega wolves (and their stories I’ve read) go through. However, Mave is completely different from what I was expecting. Which instantly made me feel at ease with reading her story.

Of course there are other reasons why I enjoyed (and would recommend) this novel.

For one: the alpha-hole (asshole) gains insight to some huge aspects of his life, had it not been for Mave, and frankly, he’s all the better for it. I’m glad that he, for a lack of better words, grew the fuck up.

Secondly, the high school bullying, name calling, and slut-shaming was pretty much laid to rest halfway through the book. I do wish that the bullying had stopped sooner, but, I’m kinda really sadistically glad/happy that everything played out as it did (for the bullies). I freaking love that Mave showed her true colours, and that essentially everything fell into place and literally everything (high school girl aged wise) was done after that.

Also, I’m so happy that I read Mave Fortune because of the pure and super healthy relationships that the Fortune family has. — Mave’s dad, while looks like an absolute beast of a man, takes measures to seem like he isn’t someone to be scared of, that really, he’s a big softie (and geek) at heart. I love that he doesn’t have the need — or want — to be Alpha, when he so clearly would be amazing at it. And I love that he lets his kids be who they are without them (his children) feeling like they should be ashamed of themselves.

And I love that Mave’s mom is the same way. Mave’s parents are so unbelievably supportive of their kids, and absolutely let them be who they are. I also love that Mave’s parents are totally lax in letting their kids do whatever they want (within reason). I could have only wished I had Mave’s parents as my own growing up.

In terms of points of view, there are 2, though we mainly read from Mave’s point of view. I know that there may be 1 or 2 more povs aside from Mave and her love interest.

There’s a lot that I enjoyed and loved about the story. I am so glad that I gave myself the chance to read Mave’s story. For those who are interested, there are more books in the Blackstone Academy series. I’m pretty sure that they’re companion novels since Mave’s story has a clear ending — the epilogue is so sweet, and I love love love that if Mave’s story is enough for you (and in turn are done with the series), you don’t have to read the other novels.

However, having said that, I myself am super freaking curious about Ben and his seemingly on-and-off-again-not-boyfriend. So I’ll definitely be reading more of the Blackstone Academy books.

I’m giving Mave Fortune 5 stars.
Holy smokes this is my first 5 star rating in a while!!!!

Have you read Mave Fortune?

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See you soon, and happy reading!


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