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Thank you Jamsu, for tagging me! Check out Jamsu’s post here.

Six questions from Jamsu are:

– What do you think about smut in books?

Overall, I’m like “eh.” if the smut scenes are conscentual on both (or all) parties, and no one gets hurt (unless asked) or dies, then I’m…. Continue reading


Hunted, by Meagan Spooner | Book Review #393

Have you any Beauty and the Beast retellings? Let me know in the comments! 

IMG_6564 Though she grew up with the city’s highest aristocrats, far from her father’s old lodge, she knows that the forest holds secrets and that her father is the only hunter who’s ever come close to discovering them.

So when her father loses his fortune and moves Yeva and her sisters back to the outskirts of town, Yeva is secretly relieved. Out in the wilderness, there’s no pressure to make idle chatter with vapid baronessas…or to submit to marrying a wealthy gentleman. But Yeva’s father’s misfortune may have cost him his mind, and when he goes missing in the woods, Yeva sets her sights on one prey: the creature he’d been obsessively tracking just before his disappearance.

Deaf to her sisters’ protests, Yeva hunts this strange Beast back into his own territory—a cursed valley, a ruined castle, and a world of creatures that Yeva’s only heard about in fairy tales. A world that can bring her ruin or salvation. Who will survive: the Beauty, or the Beast?

Even though I’ve had my eye on Hunted for a while, I doubted that I would like it. Then I found out that Hunted is a darker, more twisted version of Beauty and the Beast that we all know and love—- #thanksDisney.

I didn’t think that I would even start Hunted. I had it on my shelf for a while and honestly… I was kind of tired of seeing it there, so I was just going to return Hunted unread to the library. Even when I opened up Hunted and read the first few pages, I thought that I would not enjoy Yeva’s story. At all. Yet I gave Hunted a chance — I’m glad I did. Continue reading

Crystallum, by Laney McMann | {ARC} Book Review #392

**Disclaimer: I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way impacted my review.**

30333745Kadence Sparrow wasn’t born a devil’s child-she was turned into one. Now, she’s hiding from the truth, and running for her life.

For years, Kade’s true nature has lurked behind an illusion, so when her dad gets another job transfer, she knows the drill: no close friends, no boyfriends, and most importantly: don’t expose what she is. Ever. Keeping secrets is easy. Lies are second nature. So is the loneliness-and the fear, but when the Shadows attack, and Kade meets Cole Spires, she could expose everything she’s trying to hide.

As one of the Celestial Children, Cole lives by an oath: defend the Ward, protect the Primordial race, guard the gateways, and stick to his own. Everything else is a distraction, and besides, he’s lost enough. Cole’s job is clear, and no one his age does it better. So, when he meets Kade in a club downtown, he assumes she just wants his attention. Most girls do, but Cole soon realizes … Kade isn’t like most girls.

The children of heaven and hell are living among us, fighting an age-old war. And falling for someone from the opposition is not an option. But a chance encounter between Kade and Cole will blur the rules, as Kade’s journey to keep her truth hidden catapults them together and into a web of lies, forcing her to not only face the demon inside her, but to answer the hardest question of all.

Which is thicker-blood or water?

Publication Date: November 30, 2015.

Quickly into reading Crystallum, I realized how much of an absolute gem Crystallum is and ended up reading Kade’s story in a little more than one sitting. The story was that addicting. — I simply could not get enough. Continue reading

Kiss of the Rose Princess, Vol. 01, by Aya Shouoto | Manga Review #44

21412051Anise Yamamoto has been told that if she ever removes the rose choker given to her by her father, a terrible punishment will befall her. Unfortunately she loses that choker when a bat-like being falls from the sky and hits her. Anise is granted four cards representing four knights whom she can summon with a kiss. But now that she has these gorgeous men at her beck and call, what exactly is her quest?!

I legitimately had so much fun reading Kiss of the Rose Princess. This first volume was in my opinion, filled with humour. The story line in this first volume is really light which is what made the book such an enjoyable read.

Any book or story where I manage to laugh more than a few times is a great one in my opinion. And good news! I laughed more than a few times! I found that the characters that make this story to be quite funny—even when they’re not marketed as “funny.” All the characters (Anise, Kaede, Mitsuru, Seiron, Mitsuki, and Ninufa) bring something to the story– they’re all such different personalities, and the way that the characters would react to one another was quite hilarious.

One thing that I am extremely fond of in this first volume was that while there’s focus on the boys, the main focus remained on Anise throughout. Aka, Anise did not get washed away by the boys.

I also genuinely loved the art in this volume. I will always with that manga pages are coloured, but I really enjoyed seeing the bold lines as well as the grey-toned variations in the story’s artwork.

Overall, I loved reading the first volume. So much so that after I finished reading this first volume I went ahead and requested the next 8 volumes from my library!

I give the first volume of Kiss of the Rose Princess, 4 stars!

The Shadow Minds Journal, by Kia Carrington-Russell | {ARC} Book Review #391

**Disclaimer: I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way impacted my review.**

Trigger Warning: Attempted Rape, Violence, Blood, Murder, Stalking

40111662New Dark Fantasy Series from International Award Winning Author, Kia Carrington-Russell: The Shadow Minds Journal

In this world, there are creatures lurking in the shadows. As a child, I once played with them. As a teenager, I began to fear them and became victim to their attacks. As an adult, I now realize that no matter how much I try to escape the grasp of this world, I was inevitably born into it.

Now reborn as a Guardian in the year of 2986, Vivian Lair must uphold the treaty between Angels and Demons on the human world and city of Shabeah. Contracted to seven demons who she can shift into while taking direct orders from the Underworld Lord, Haymen, it wasn’t exactly her ideal rebirth. Involving herself with the Angel of War, Gabe is even worse.

Still fighting those who try to possess her during her sleep, Vivian must now record and try to hunt the Volv through the Shadow Minds Journal. Now stuck between the hatred and lust of two of the most powerful entities in all worlds, Vivian is involved inevitably in the upcoming conflict.

Blood. Lust. War. She must kill before being killed.

Publication Date: August 06, 2018.

Please note that The Shadow Minds Journal is a Dark Fantasy, and is in no way shape or form, a Young Adult novel. 

I was attracted to this novel because of the cover. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a newly published book that looked like, or is similar to the cover for The Shadow Minds Journal. The…creature..person…thing looks like a doll and that’s another reason why I wanted to found out more about the book.  Continue reading

Life In Books| Tag


I found this Life In Books tag over at Jamsu’s blog Jamsudreams, so go check out her answers!

I like the questions so I thought, “Hey why not.” So here we are!

1. Find a book for each of your initials

All the Wicked Girls by Chris Whitaker

Carnival of Secrets by Marissa Meyer

Copycat by Hannah Jayne

2. Count your age along your bookshelf — what book is it? 

The 23rd book on my shelf is All the Rage by Courtney Summers.

3. A book set in your city/country

I rarely read books that are set in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve never actually come across a book set in my hometown, so Vancouver it is! Love is Love by Mette Bach is set in Vancouver and my friends, my heart became all warm and fuzzy once I realized that Love is Love takes place here.

4. A book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to

5. A book that’s your favourite colour

I have so many favourite colours! So many! But I guess I have a THING for Gold + colours on books, hahahaha.

6. Which book do you have fondest memories of? 

The book I have the fondest memories of is A Court of Mist and Fury as well as A Court of Wings and Ruin. I remember reading one of those books from start to finish, no breaks save for the bathroom and snacks. It took me 10 hours to read one book. My legs went numb, and I legitimately had a few headaches from reading for so long, ahaha. It was worth it though!

7. Which book did you have the most difficulty reading? 

I have the most difficulty reading All the Rage to be honest with you. I’ve tried to read that book a few times. I always end up crying and stopping.

8. Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it? 

To be honest, any book over 500 pages is now an accomplishment. Seriously. So I guess that means that Dreams of Gods and Monsters, which is 613 pages in hardcover, will be my biggest accomplishment.


That’s it for the questions! I hope you enjoyed, and if you end up doing this tag, I’d love to see your answers!

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Reading!
— Adele

Era of Undying, by Emilie Knight | Book Review #390

Thank you to Emilie Knight for providing me with a copy of Era of Undying in exchange for an honest review. This in no way impacted my review.

Trigger Warning: Self-Harm, Depression, and Violence

38247938There hasn’t been a Blood Warrior for decades. Everyone assumed they were extinct and couldn’t return. Turns out they were just in hiding. Pen chose to revert back to her nomadic life after the death of her family. Life was always safer that way, away from people. Now she’s been caught and odd occurrences have been happening in Ichorisis. People are surviving horrible injuries and illnesses that they shouldn’t be. Now that Pen is under custody of one of the several kings she’s been sent to fix the problem. Whether she wants to or not.

Publication Date: January 19th, 2018.

I rarely —if ever— hear about books where there is blood magic involved, so anytime I do hear about blood magic in books, I am all over them. Continue reading

Clay Lord: Master of Golems Volume 02, by Jun Suzumoto | Manga Review #43


The Earthgaia clan, the royal family of golem craftsmen, are renowned through the realm for creating sentient automatons of the highest caliber.

As the last surviving member of the family, Clay is doing his best to carry on their legacy, despite having no memory of his past. Suddenly, an event forces him to recall the origin of his two golems, Kurogane and Shirogane. Perhaps some memories are best left forgotten!

I was enthusiastic to read this second volume in the Clay Lord manga, since I had visited the library a few times to find the second volume. I’ve finally got this second volume in my hands only because I had requested the book online and the day after or so, it was waiting for me on the shelves, haha.

I liked seeing how this second volume started off with some of Clay’s memories when the Golem twins finally found him.

Having read this volume, I can assure you that I love this manga more than I thought was possible. I loved everything (aside from Glauco). There are so many emotions running rampant throughout this second volume. I’m not even kidding when I say that this volume was a wild emotional roller coaster. There’s so much that was uncovered, so many truths revealed both to the reader, and to Clay himself. Whether that have happened through his own memories or memories being reiterated from Kurogane and Shirogane.

I loved all of this second volume, and I am eagerly awaiting to read the third and final volume.

I give Clay Lord: Master of Golems Volume 02, 5 stars.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

Song of the Current, by Sarah Tolcser | Book Review #389

31450960Caroline Oresteia is destined for the river. For generations, her family has been called by the river god, who has guided their wherries on countless voyages throughout the Riverlands. At seventeen, Caro has spent years listening to the water, ready to meet her fate. But the river god hasn’t spoken her name yet—and if he hasn’t by now, there’s a chance he never will.

Caro decides to take her future into her own hands when her father is arrested for refusing to transport a mysterious crate. By agreeing to deliver it in exchange for his release, Caro finds herself caught in a web of politics and lies, with dangerous pirates after the cargo—an arrogant courier with a secret—and without the river god to help her. With so much at stake, Caro must choose between the life she always wanted and the one she never could have imagined for herself.

From debut author Sarah Tolcser comes an immersive and romantic fantasy set along the waterways of a magical world with a headstrong heroine determined to make her mark.

I knew little of nothing when I started reading Song of the Current. Actually, I didn’t know much about it other than Song of the Current being a YA Fantasy-Romance, and that the hardcover for this book is simply stunning.

“Sometimes,” he said with a wistful half smile, “we need others to see the good in us before we can see it in ourselves.”

Song of the Current is an interesting book. There were two things that I had predicted, and they came true, BUT! I’m not even upset about that. The Song of the Current is that good. Continue reading

My Blog’s Name in Books | Tag

Hello everyone! Recently I came across Tesiselity’s post where she her version of the tag, so check out her post too! I thought it would be fun and interesting to do this tag as well!

The challenge for me is that my blog’s name is sort of long, with repeating letters.. So while I typed this I had no idea of any titles that I wanted to use. I had no idea what I was going to put name in booksRules:
• Spell out your blog’s name.
• Find a book from your TBR that begins with each letter.
NOTE: You cannot ADD to your TBR to complete this challenge – the books must already be on your Goodreads TBR. Don’t cheat my friends!!!!!

Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberly

Darkness Becomes Her (Gods and Monsters, #1) by Kelly Keaton

Era of Undying by Emilie Knight

Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas, #1) by Zoraida Córdova

Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass, #5) by Sarah J. Maas

Inhuman (Fetch, #1) by Kat Falls

September Girls by Bennet Madison

Rage (Stormheart,#2) by Cora Carmack

Empress of all Seasons by Jean Emiko

Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror, #8) by Karina Halle

Dreamfall by Amy Plum

I Do Not Trust You by Laura J. Burns

Nightfall by Jake Halpern

Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon

This was easier than expected, but still slightly challenging.

I did this little challenge on a whim and had fun with it. Not only am I listing some books that are still on my TBR, but I also found handfuls of books I still want to read! It’s a win-win for everyone!

FUN FACT!: I did this tag first in books I’ve already read. If you’re interested in that, I can do another one with book’s I’ve read!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my post!

Happy Reading!
— Adele