Shadow Caster, by Debbie Cassidy | Book Review

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Today I’m reviewing
Shadow Caster, by Debbie Cassidy.

Shadow Caster is the first book in The Nightwatch Academy series. 

Trigger Warnings: Abuse mention.

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46298557._SY475_Murdering humans is a huge no-no and comes with an off-with-your-head sentence. Doesn’t matter if you don’t remember doing the crime.

I killed a human, and no, it wasn’t on purpose, but that shit doesn’t matter to the council. I’m facing death. So, when I’m offered a deal to avoid execution, I’d be a fool not to take it, even if it means leaving the human world and urban life behind to enroll in the Nightwatch Academy – a gothic monstrosity hidden from human eyes, located way too close to the largest tear in the fabric of our reality.

It would be fun if I had any inclination of becoming a member of the Watch or supporting the shadow knights at keeping the Formorian threat at bay. But heck, the monsters beyond the mist aren’t my problem. I have personal demons to deal with.

Once I’m out, the Watch can shove it.

But one sip from the ceremonial goblet and my plans to coast are out of the window as my powers spark to life.

I’m an anomaly, one the Watch won’t be letting walk any time soon.

My only comfort is a man who prides himself on his ability to harness pain. Battle scarred and formidable, he’s my tutor, my mentor, and the object of some super saucy dreams. He’s completely off limits and my only hope of surviving my first test.

I’ll need to harness my powers fast.

There can be no distractions.

But when my fellow cadets start going missing then returning with no memory of who they used to be and my best friend is taken, turning a blind eye is no longer an option.

Allies are limited when you’re a freak. Luckily, I don’t need a cheer squad to get shit done. Whoever is responsible better watch out. I’m coming for them, and I’ll be bringing the pain.

The Vampire Academy meets Game of Thrones in this kick-ass, supernatural academy, Urban Fantasy with a slow burn Why Choose Romance.

From GoodReads [x]:


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OKAY, SO…. Admittedly I’m not usually a person who goes for the student / teacher trope. The only reason why I ended up reading Shadow Caster was because the premise makes the book sound fucking awesome. Secondly, I’m a big fan of the reverse harem romance genre. No surprise there folks.

The fantasy elements that were happening within this first book were intriguing to read about. I was honestly glued to the screen. I was eating this book up—especially the romance between Indigo and her teacher who isn’t all that much older than her.

I like the friendships that Indigo formed, and I am so relieved that Indigo can fight her own battles. She doesn’t have someone fight them for her.

However, there’s an underlying theme to Indigo’s story where she’s used to being at the brunt of someones’ hate and abuse. She’s used to being left out, and that is so, so sad.

When the reasoning being Indigo’s abuse was revealed I was so….angry. Such a fucking petty reason to abuse your child. In a way, it’s laughable in that crazy-ass way, where you’re so unbelievably shocked that this was the reason? I wanted to beat the shit out of Indigo’s father, and then shelter and love Indigo. Ugh.

I give Shadow Caster, 3 stars.

Have you read Shadow Caster, or anything else written by Debbie Cassidy?

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