Crescent Wolves, by G. Bailey, & Regan Rosewood | Book Review

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Today I have my book review of:

Crescent Wolves, by G. Bailey, & Regan Rosewood.
Crescent Wolves is the first book in the Supernatural Shifter Academy series.

Trigger Warnings: Attempted Child Abuse, Attempted Assault, Kidnapping, Torture mention, Murder, Human/Shifter Experimentation.

Secret societies. Magical boarding schools. Supernatural beings…What could go wrong? 

I’m Millie Brix and apparently, I’m a supernatural shifter. Funny eighteenth birthday present, right?

Chosen for Supernatural Shifter Academy, I have to learn which shifter clan I belong to and how to use my powers that are slowly growing out of control. Supernatural Shifter Academy only has five hundred places and if I’m not strong enough to survive, I won’t get to walk away.

The Sirens lure you in, the Wolves bite first and ask questions later, the Dragons only care for themselves, the Vampires plan to own the world and the Witches will do whatever it takes to win.

I’m not going to let the academy or its students beat me, that’s for sure. 

With a prince of the Vampires seducing me, a secretive Siren dead set on making me his, a gorgeous Wolf shifter who wants to claim my heart and an alpha Dragon who sees me as a prize he wants to keep… the academy is far more dangerous than it looks.

In this academy, secrets are the only thing you can trade with and I’m right in the middle of the biggest secret the academy has.

And when the truth comes out…the academy will fall. 

17+ Reverse Harem Romance which means the main character will have more than one love interest. This is book one of a five-book series and will be rapidly released.

From GoodReads [x]:


Though Crescent Wolves was a gripping read (I won’t deny that!), I found the story overall to be lacklustre. CW lacked the usual pizzazz that I would’ve found in other books that ‘Bailey has (co.) written in. 

One thing that stood out to me the most about Crescent Wolves is that … for a change there was no sexual scenes in this first book at all — which was completely shocking to me. I’m sure that there’ll be smutty spicy scenes throughout the other books though.

Having read Crescent Wolves, I can say that I’m curious to find out what happens in the further Shifter Academy novels. …I have no clue when I’m going to get around to finishing the series since I want to binge read the Shifter Academy story. I don’t know what it is with me lately! I just want to binge-read all the delicious books in one go. thank u.

When I got to the last page of the story, I was actually shocked that it was the end of Crescent Wolves. I wanted there to be more within this first Shifter Academy installation. 

While there was a good amount of plot development, I was genuinely bored by the happenings. Crescent Wolves was an easy read, so I didn’t exactly suffer through reading the rest of the novel. Whereas I would have DNF’d it; I truly read CW because G.Bailey is a co-author of it. The slowness of Crescent Wolves didn’t appeal to me (had high hopes for the book).

I’m giving Crescent Wolves, 1 star. 

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Don’t Say My Name, by Lacy Carter-Anderson, & Helen Scott | Book Review

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Don’t Say My Name, by Lacy Carter-Anderson, & Helen Scott

Don’t Say My Name is the first book in the Legends Unleashed series.

Link to Don’t Say My Name on Goodreads.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Pedophilia mention (& also a scene) (pedophile ends up murdered), Physical Abuse mention, Foster family abuse (Adult and Foster sibling towards a character). Adult Sex Scenes, Blood, Blood Mention, Murder, Murder mention, Spousal Abuse, Attempted Stabbing, Stabbing, Death.

Cover of Don’t Say My Name. A drawing of a woman with bright red hair is seen reaching through glass. Text in the same bright red colouring reads “Don’t Say My Name.”

Say my name…

They tell you I bring death and carnage. They believe I’m a curse, one that’s contagious.

But they’re wrong.

I was locked away for protecting the innocent. And while my name does bring violence and bloody destruction, it’s only to those whose very souls are corrupted by the violence and hatred they harbor within.

So say my name if you need my help. I’m Bloody Mary, and I promise I’m more than a legend; I’m a witch with the power to save you.

But when four sinfully sexy men make promises to free me from my prison, for the first time in my life, I need to trust someone else to save me. Because the dark powers that trapped me long ago aren’t about to let me go free, at least not without a fight.

DON’T SAY MY NAME is a paranormal reverse harem with a tough, sarcastic heroine, four unique supernatural men, and steamy scenes that will leave you breathless. So if you’re looking for something with a spooky edge and some humor that will leave your mouth watering, click to grab your copy.

From GoodReads [x]:

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Escaping Monsters, by Rita Stradling, Alexa B. James | Book Review

Hello hello, friends. Welcome back to Adele Is Reading. Today I have my book review of:

Escaping Monsters, by Rita Stradling, Alexa B. James.

Escaping Monsters is the first book in the Grayhaven series.

Link to Escaping Monsters on Goodreads.

Unfortunately it’s been so long since I’ve read Escaping Monsters, I haven’t a clue if there are any triggers within the story.

Cover of Escaping Monsters. On the cover is a young woman crouching in a forest. There are 5 wolves in the background.

First comes love…
Then comes marriage…
…and then comes my con-artist husband selling me to werewolves on our honeymoon.

On the run from my cruel captors, I stumble into Grayhaven. This secret supernatural settlement is packed with biker demons, fae royals, and witches dealing in death-magic. Their small town could be my salvation… or doom.

But when the Grayhaven werewolf pack tracks me down, I feel the noose of impending capture tightening around my throat. I’m an omega, the least dominant werewolf in the supernatural world. If I’m given an order—any order—I’m powerless to refuse.

The five dominant werewolves could enslave me with a word. Instead, they take me in, protect me, and call me their mate. I want to believe that they are mine… that I’m safe.

Yet, there is a malevolent darkness hunting me and it won’t stop until it’s claimed me once more, body and soul.

If you love sexy-as-hell alpha werewolves, feisty heroines, fated mates, and dominant shifters who would do anything to protect their mate, get ready to devour this medium/fast burn reverse harem romance!

Escaping Monsters is the first book in this steamy new Why Choose werewolf series by Alexa B James and Rita Stradling. This book is for 18 and over only please.

From GoodReads [x]:

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Dragon’s Gift: The Forbidden Fae series, by Linsey Hall | Series Book Review

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Today I have my series book review of Dragon’s Gift: The Forbidden Fae, by Linsey Hall

Dragon’s Gift: The Forbidden Fae is a 3 part series.

Trigger Warnings: Sexual Scenes, Sex Scenes (fade to black). Fighting, Blood, & others that I unfortunately cannot remember.

Please Note that this review may contain spoilers.

My fated mate is a lethal fae king.
And I’m going to kill him.

Ever since the Court of Flames banished me, I’ve managed to hide my true nature–Chosen One of the Fire Fae, destined to save us all. Truth is, I’m not that impressive. I’ve spent my banishment hunting demons for fun and slinging drinks at Potions & Pastilles. But then the lethally sexy king of the Court of Ice finds me.

He’s been hunting me for years and wants to claim me as his fated mate. But it gets darker. He plans to sacrifice me to save his dying kingdom. One touch changes everything though, because I’m the only one who can warm him.

I’m going to use that to my advantage and convince him to return with me to the Court that banished me years ago. There, I will kill him before he kills me. But I’m playing with fire, because I’m not sure if I can I resist him long enough to change my fate, and if I don’t die, then his entire Court will. Including him.

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Evermore, by Candace Wondrak | Book Review

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Today I have my book review of the final book in the Crystal Lake Pack trilogy; Evermore, by Candace Wondrak.

Evermore is the third (and final) book in the Crystal Lake Pack trilogy.

TRIGGER WARNING: Attempted Rape, Blood, Torture, Sex scenes.

There are spoilers for the series within the synopsis, and therefore my review as well.

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Origins of the Six, by A.K. Koonce | Series Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my series review of the Origins of the Six, written by A.K. Koonce, Aleera Anaya Ceres.

Origins of the Six is a 4 part series.

Apologies in advance, I can’t remember, didn’t write down any triggers that may be in these books.

Academy of Six (Book 1)

Deadly monsters live in all of us.

The Academy of Six has just never seen a monster as terribly mundane as Izara Castillo. And that is a dangerous problem. She has four semesters to not only understand her supernatural abilities, but harness them as well.

Everything at the Academy is a disaster, from Interdimensional Travels through hell to the other hell they like to call Gym.

Bullies push her, test her, and simply try to kill her. A few broodingly protective roommates and a scary fake boyfriend could help. Or make her life impossibly harder.

Pretend to date the emotionally detached demon, they said. What’s the worst that could happen, they said.

It’s make or break within this prison of a school. If she succeeds, she’ll finally know what she’s capable of, who she truly is, and where she came from.

If she fails…she dies.

This is Reverse Harem series containing M/M themes. Recommended for readers 18 and over.

From GoodReads [x]:


WARNING: There are MAJOR SPOILERS and VULGAR LANGUAGE within this review! Please read at your own discretion.

Also: This review is like, a short as hell review since I didn’t bother writing anything down pertaining my thoughts on the individual books.

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Matefinder Series, by Leia Stone | Book Review

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Today I’m posting my book review of the Matefinder series, by Leia Stone.

Matefinder, #1

Werewolves, facing the threat of extinction, desperately seek their mates to bear young. Aurora, a human far removed from the supernatural world, is nearing her own end after being fatally injured in a car accident.

Kai, an Alpha werewolf, lurks in the nearby trees watching her bleed out. He chooses to save her the only way he knows how, by changing her. No one is prepared for what happens next. The tides turn in favor of the werewolves. The Matefinder has been found, and she is more powerful than anybody ever imagined. But is she prepared to be the most hunted werewolf in history?

Trigger Warnings: Blood, Mentions of Abuse, Mentions of Spousal Abuse, Mentions of Child Abuse, Child Abuse, Stabbing Mention, Car Accident resulting in Death, Torture Mention, Drowning Mention, Accidental Death, Murder Mention, Assassination Attempts, Kidnapping, Attempted Kidnapping.


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Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles, by D.D. Miers, Graceley Knox | SERIES Book Review

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Today I have my Series book review of the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles series, by D.D. Miers, and Graceley Knox.

The Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles series is a series of 5 books.

I ended up reading the entire HBHC series within 3 days, so, everything that took place over the course of the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles has been melded into one big pile of “idk what happened, everything happened so suddenly.” Like, I opened the first book and BAM I was at the end of the series.

Since I will be talking about the entire series, I’ve put a little “read more” attachment, just in case!

I apologize for the messy review in advance. I also can’t remember if there were any triggers in the series.

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Supernatural Academy: Year One, by Jaymin Eve | Book Review

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Today I bring my book review of Supernatural Academy: Year One, by Jaymin Eve.

Supernatural Academy: Year One is the first book in the Supernatural Academy series.


Maddison James is about to discover some truths about the world.

Firstly … supernaturals exist.

Secondly … she is one, even though no one seems to know exactly what kind.
Double WTF.

Thirdly … she’s about to go back to school.
Well, things just got a little more interesting.

The Supernatural Academy is where shifters, vampires, magic users, and fey are educated. Where they are taught about their abilities, and how to function in the human world. Maddison already has the human part down, but this supernatural thing is an entirely new dangerous game.

Example one: mean girls who can actually turn you into a frog.

Example two: Asher Lock, a god at the Academy. Not literally … well, who knows for sure. He certainly acts the part, as do all of his minions who worship him.

Asher drives her crazy, because apparently snarly, gorgeous, and arrogant is her thing, and despite their mutual dislike, sparks fly between them. The more they’re thrown together, the more Asher is determined to figure out what’s been blocking her abilities.

Until the moment the truth is revealed, and they find out nothing in this supernatural world is what they thought.

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Sapphire & Lotus, by Audrey Faye & Shae Geary | Book Review

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Today I bring you my review of Sapphire & Lotus, by Audrey Faye & Shae Geary.

Sapphire & Lotus is the first book in the Dragon Kin series.

The ancient prophecy speaks of the five, those who will come to save all of dragonkind. Like most prophecies, it leaves out a lot of the important details…

The very ordinary elf girl who runs for the hills—and gets lost in a forest instead. The dragon egg, precariously perched high in a tree on a dark winter’s night.

And what happens when egg meets girl.

Dragon Kin: Sapphire & Lotus is book one of a new fantasy series for readers of all ages. If you love dragons, ordinary heroes, or bravery that has to be earned one day at a time, we hope you’ll give this book a try!

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