Pandora’s Pride, by Annabelle Chase | Series Book Review

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Today I have my series book review of:

Pandora’s Pride, by Annabelle Chase.

Pandora’s Pride is a series of 4 books, with books one to four being:
Double Down on Demons (#1),
High Stakes and Vampires (#2),
Five Card Fae (#3),
Wild Cards and Witches (#4).

I didn’t record any triggers for each book, so please be aware that there are probably quite a few triggers.
This series does contain sex scenes.

My father talked about Atlantic City the way some women talk about their ex-boyfriends. No good. Avoid at all costs. Soul-sucking even without the demons. Never mind that we lived across the country where, by day we worked as mountain guides, and at night he trained me to use my magic—not that I was allowed to showcase it. That was a hard no. So I hid my powers the way he hid his bourbon—until his murder.

With nothing to lose, I hightail it to—you guessed it—Atlantic City, where I make a deal with a group of monster hunters, including Saxon, a hot hybrid that ignites a helluva lot more than celestial fire. If I survive the takedown of an all-powerful demon, they’ll help me investigate my father’s murder. So what’s a girl to do when the chips are down?

Be the Wild Card they never saw coming.

Double Down on Demons is the first book in Pandora’s Pride, an urban fantasy series featuring a heroine with a tongue as sharp as her blade, magical adventures, and havoc-wreaking demons.

From start to finish the series was over all a good story. And for the most part I liked the characters too.

With that said, some of the story was completely predictable; while others weren’t. Though there were really only a couple of times where I couldn’t predict what could happen at all.

Generally speaking the story was really good and I genuinely enjoyed reading it! I really loved Chase’s writing, and a great plot as well. I love the main character’s way of going about things: pretty blunt and absolutely straight forward.

The end of the series is more of a HEA for everyone, but the end of the series is incredibly loose–in terms there’s no definitive ending, more of a … fill in the blank, it’s up to the reader.

So it’s not the ending I was picturing for all the characters, but nevertheless, it’s an ending. Am I personally happy with it? No, I’m not. There could have been a more solid ending. For everyone! With the ending that was written, I personally think thtat it leaves the reader up to interpret and imagine what the characters are up to now.

**Which some people could enjoy!**

The series does have sex scenes, but for all I know the scenes are more of a mention of sex, tan the reader reading the actual scenes. Think fade-to-black-end-scene type scenario.

Nevertheless, I ended up giving each book 3 stars.

Have you read the Pandora’s Pride series?

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See you soon, and happy reading.


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