Don’t Say My Name, by Lacy Carter-Anderson, & Helen Scott | Book Review

Hello hello! Welcome back. Today I have my book review of:

Don’t Say My Name, by Lacy Carter-Anderson, & Helen Scott

Don’t Say My Name is the first book in the Legends Unleashed series.

Link to Don’t Say My Name on Goodreads.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Pedophilia mention (& also a scene) (pedophile ends up murdered), Physical Abuse mention, Foster family abuse (Adult and Foster sibling towards a character). Adult Sex Scenes, Blood, Blood Mention, Murder, Murder mention, Spousal Abuse, Attempted Stabbing, Stabbing, Death.

Cover of Don’t Say My Name. A drawing of a woman with bright red hair is seen reaching through glass. Text in the same bright red colouring reads “Don’t Say My Name.”

Say my name…

They tell you I bring death and carnage. They believe I’m a curse, one that’s contagious.

But they’re wrong.

I was locked away for protecting the innocent. And while my name does bring violence and bloody destruction, it’s only to those whose very souls are corrupted by the violence and hatred they harbor within.

So say my name if you need my help. I’m Bloody Mary, and I promise I’m more than a legend; I’m a witch with the power to save you.

But when four sinfully sexy men make promises to free me from my prison, for the first time in my life, I need to trust someone else to save me. Because the dark powers that trapped me long ago aren’t about to let me go free, at least not without a fight.

DON’T SAY MY NAME is a paranormal reverse harem with a tough, sarcastic heroine, four unique supernatural men, and steamy scenes that will leave you breathless. So if you’re looking for something with a spooky edge and some humor that will leave your mouth watering, click to grab your copy.

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Escaping Monsters, by Rita Stradling, Alexa B. James | Book Review

Hello hello, friends. Welcome back to Adele Is Reading. Today I have my book review of:

Escaping Monsters, by Rita Stradling, Alexa B. James.

Escaping Monsters is the first book in the Grayhaven series.

Link to Escaping Monsters on Goodreads.

Unfortunately it’s been so long since I’ve read Escaping Monsters, I haven’t a clue if there are any triggers within the story.

Cover of Escaping Monsters. On the cover is a young woman crouching in a forest. There are 5 wolves in the background.

First comes love…
Then comes marriage…
…and then comes my con-artist husband selling me to werewolves on our honeymoon.

On the run from my cruel captors, I stumble into Grayhaven. This secret supernatural settlement is packed with biker demons, fae royals, and witches dealing in death-magic. Their small town could be my salvation… or doom.

But when the Grayhaven werewolf pack tracks me down, I feel the noose of impending capture tightening around my throat. I’m an omega, the least dominant werewolf in the supernatural world. If I’m given an order—any order—I’m powerless to refuse.

The five dominant werewolves could enslave me with a word. Instead, they take me in, protect me, and call me their mate. I want to believe that they are mine… that I’m safe.

Yet, there is a malevolent darkness hunting me and it won’t stop until it’s claimed me once more, body and soul.

If you love sexy-as-hell alpha werewolves, feisty heroines, fated mates, and dominant shifters who would do anything to protect their mate, get ready to devour this medium/fast burn reverse harem romance!

Escaping Monsters is the first book in this steamy new Why Choose werewolf series by Alexa B James and Rita Stradling. This book is for 18 and over only please.

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Dead in the Water, by Hailey Edwards | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I’ve got my book review of

Dead in the Water by Hailey Edwards.

Dead in the Water is the first book in the Gemini series–as well as the first book in Camille’s trilogy.

Trigger Warning: Child Murder mention, Grief, Loss of a sibling mention, Death by Drowning mention.

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B04D5C02-D898-4BD7-A851-D809A8534D91Camille Ellis is the Earthen Conclave’s golden girl. Her peculiar talent solves cases with a touch. She isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty, but every bright star casts a shadow, and her deepest scars lurk just beneath the skin.

A routine consultation goes sideways when a victim’s brother gets involved in the investigation. Riding the edge of grief, the warg will go to any lengths to avenge his sister’s death. Even if it means ensuring Cam’s cooperation at the jaws of his wolf.

When the killer strikes again, Cam is caught between a warg and a hard place. To save the next victim, she must embrace her past. Even if it means dragging her darkest secrets into the light of day.

This series is a spinoff of the author’s “Black Dog” series.

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I gotta tell you that the synopsis for Dead in the Water just…sank it’s hook into me. I had to read Dead in the Water. Another thing that attracted me to this book was the cover. Holy smokes, when I see it there’s just so many questions I have, you know?

The beginning to this first Gemini book had me…..playing a game of ‘Stop, Go.’ With myself. Honestly the beginning chapters of this book were pretty stale and that had me not wanting to read the rest of the book. So I took a break from reading Dead in the Water. Continue reading

No Claim, by G. Bailey | Book Review

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Today I have my book review of

No Claim, by G. Bailey.

No Claim is the second book in The Alpha Brothers trilogy.

TW: Murder, Fight to the Death, Pregnancy.

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B59F743C-688E-44B8-8B21-0E065FA99D51Strength no longer hides in the weak, instead it is shown by the new alpha. Elodie Masters.
Will Elodie be able to make the Alpha brothers kneel and submit?
Or will they go to war?

Elodie Master struggles to learn about her new role, as well as the secrets of her past as she decides how to rule her new pack.
No one wants war, but Elodie cannot forgive the alpha’s who stole her heart.

With war, brings loss and destruction that no one wants. The Alpha brothers aren’t the only wolves Elodie should be running from…

A secret is coming, one that only brings death.

18+ with dark themes.

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I went into No Claim thinking that I’d end up enjoying the story as much as I did the first book. Well, I didn’t.

I will say that the dialogue between character felt more natural to me–though there were still a few scenes that could have went over better.

For the most part, I really enjoyed where the story went, and I liked that Elodie stood up for herself and her people. The ones who’d past and the ones who were yet to be born.

But honestly though….that whole scheme that was meant to be a plot twist could have been 100% left out and the story would have been fine.

I really enjoyed that there was a HEA though!!

I give No Claim, 2.5 stars.

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Have you read The Alpha Brothers duology yet? I’m contemplating on whether or not I should read the “third” book, which is a companion novel to this duology. I think I’ll need some time between this book and whenever I decide to read this companion novel.

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No Alpha, by G. Bailey | Book Review

Hello, friends! Today I have my book review of

No Alpha, by G. Bailey.

No Alpha is the first book in The Alpha Brothers trilogy.

TW: Slavery, Murder, Blood, mentions of rape, mentions of slavery. Sex scenes.

Also, just as a general side-note, No Alpha is one hell of a gruesome book. No Alpha is absolutely NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

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8C692B6E-498E-4B70-849B-738CA8F77236A wolf with no claim. A disgrace to the wolves’ society. Never fit to be a mate for any wolf… Trash.
Elodie Masters knows she is too weak to escape her life as a pack slave, a wolf with no claim and overall blight to the wolves’ precious society. When her pack is attacked, Elodie should have run, but instead she is kept by the Alpha Brothers.
Ruthless. Cruel. Heartless brothers…or at least that’s what everyone says about them.
And they were right.
The brothers don’t want her as a mate; they claim she is too weak to be anything…but they won’t let her go.
Yet sometimes strength hides in the weak, and you don’t see it coming until it literally bites you back.

Dark RH Romance 18+ WARNING: Contains dark themes not for the faint of heart.

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Wooooah-boy. This book. Seriously. The tone of the story that is carried on throughout the entirety of this first book is…intense. And I say that in a way that I can’t really begin to describe to you. But not for the lack of trying, No Alpha is a darker toned novel because the main character, Elodie, has been treated as a slave for all of her life, and in that, everyone (including Elodie herself) believes that she’s broken. That she’s a nobody and that no one will ever want her.

No Alpha is pretty much told from one point of view, and Elodie’s point of view is so, so stunted, because all Elodie has known in her life is that she can’t trust anyone, and her two emotions are Fear and Anger.

When Elodie is freed from her captors, Elodie slowly learns how to trust the guys around her–if not at least put an arms length away from them emotionally. So when she’s with the guys, and when Elodie learns the taste of her freedom, we see a totally different side of Elodie. She’s curious, and she can now stand for what she believes in–equal treatment for all.

The plot for No Alpha moves really quickly, and there’s actually quite a lot of sex involved in this book.

Overall, No Alpha was nothing at all as to what I expected.

I give No Alpha 3 stars.

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Have you read No Alpha, or anything else by G. Bailey? 

No Alpha is not my first read of G. Bailey, but perhaps it is the one that had let me down a bit.

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Run Little Wolf, by G. Bailey | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I’m bringing you my book review of

Run Little Wolf, by G. Bailey.

Run Little Wolf is the first in the Forest Pack series.

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0BEBE5DD-1BEC-4464-82F2-5C33901FBE67Ever heard the saying, never follow the big bad wolf into the woods?
Well, I wish I had listened to Little Red Riding Hoods advice.

One bite. That’s all it took to turn Harper into a wolf and change her entire life.
Turning eighteen was meant to be a fun night out, a party in the woods to celebrate with friends, but it ends in disaster.
Harper wakes up in a car, on her way to a pack of wolves; ones she must live with. The sexy and alluring alpha welcomes her, declaring her his mate. Only Harper’s best friend, a vampire she grew up with, tells her she belongs with him.
Now, Harper must keep her mates from destroying each other. Can there be a happy ending for them all?

To make matters worse, the wolves are at war with other kinds of shifters. When one of them turns up, demanding she is their mate, will her alpha, who she rejected, fight for her?
Will the vampire, who loves her, help her pack?

18+ menage romance.

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I had high hopes for Run Little Wolf, and while I enjoyed the story, I found it to be a major let down.

The different points of view within the story were great to read from, and otherwise spiced up the story a little–you know, gave it a little pizazz. Buuuuut, other than that the story overall was pretty lacklustre.

I did enjoy having Harper as our main character in Run Little Wolf. However, I’m used to having Bailey’s female leads….have more spark to them, more badassery. And I just didn’t find Harper to fill that role.

I’m interested in reading the other books since there are companion novels in this series, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to reading them. I’d really like to have them not turn out to be disappointments to me. You know?

I give Run Little Wolf, 2 stars.

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Have you read Run Little Wolf before? If yes, what did you think of it?

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Dark King, by C.N. Crawford | Book Review

Hello, there! Today I have my book review of:

Dark King, by C.N. Crawford

Dark King is the first book in the Court of the Sea Fae

TW: Attempted Murder, Murder, Torture.

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49297943._SX318_SY475_A snarky fae, a sexy king, and forbidden desire deep as the sea.

Once, I was a fae princess with sea-magic at my fingertips. Now? I’m a hunted supernatural in a squalid shop, stripped of my power. My only comforts are stale cookies, Elvis records, and my hula-hoop. Until a lethally sexy fae king arrives and rips even those away.

After the brutal king throws me in prison, I strike a bargain with him: my freedom in exchange for helping him find a magic blade. What Lyr doesn’t know is that the blade might restore my stolen magic.

But as we journey, the gorgeous jerk is starting to make me feel things I’ve never felt. When Lyr touches me, desire ignites. I see raging passion in his eyes, too. If I give in, I risk losing my chance at reclaiming my power. Even worse… I could be forfeiting my life.

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Interesting to say the least. I thought that I would’ve liked Dark King more but sometimes you read things and they turn out to be not what you expected 🤷‍♀️. 

I liked the progression of the story, the flow of the plot and pacing was actually well done. 

Another thing I liked was that Aenor wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows; she had her dark moments. Aenor wasn’t …. the golden girl, I guess you could say. She has her flaws and all she wanted to do was to help in raising Gina, and save/help women/young ladies/people in dire need of it. Something else to mention is that the author didn’t shy away from Aenor feeling greedy ‘n’ gruesome. 

There’s also some romance in this first Court of the Sea Fae book as well. I can’t say that I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either.

I give Dark King, 3 stars.

At this point of time I do want to read the second book, but I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to go through with it. 

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Have you read Dark King? If yes, what did you think of it? Have you read anything by C.N. Crawford? 

Dark King is actually the first book I read of Crawford’s! I first read Queen of Storms, and I did not end up enjoying it as much as I wished I had. Here’s to hoping that another book of Crawford’s will be more enjoyable!

Thank you for stopping by!

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Hidden Kingdom books 1, 2, by L. Rose | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my book reviews for the first two books in the Hidden Kingdom trilogy.

The first book is called, A Torn Paige,
while the second book is aptly named A Lost Paige.

Since this is a review for both books, I won’t be listing what the second book is about. However, I will be posting a link to the books’ GoodReads’ page.

A Torn Paige

TW; murder, hostage situation, sex, death of a major character.

48351365._SY475_One, two, things are changing for you.
Three, four, monsters at your door.
Five, six, no one could predict.
Seven, eight, you learn they’re your mates.
Nine, ten, it’s time to fight again.

Paige Alice has changed, but she’s not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

The good.
Four annoying and different types of men, who she trusts with her life. A scary but faithful sidekick, and of course, her crazy family.

The bad.
…Everything else.

*This is the first in a reverse harem romance trilogy. There’s adult themes, course language, humor, and mm scenes, for 18+ only.
*Sorry about the cliffhanger, but the second book will be released in early December 2019.

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The Outlaw Demon Wails, by Kim Harrison | Book Review

Hello! Today I’m dropping by to post my review of

The Outlaw Demon Wails, by Kim Harrison.

The Outlaw Demon Wails is the 6th book in The Hollows series.

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1225621._SY475_When you dance with demons, you lay your soul on the line…

In the Hollows, where the natural and the supernatural co-exist – not always peacefully – desperate times often call for unorthodox measures. But bounty hunter-witch Rachel Morgan did the absolutely unthinkable to save the lives of her friends: she willingly trafficked in forbidden demon magic. And now her sins have come home to haunt her.

As Rachel hunts for the truth behind a terrifying murder, the discovery of a shocking family secret is about to throw her entire life into question. And the long-lost ancient knowledge she seeks resides in the demonic ever-after. But there are some lines that should never be crossed–like the one Rachel Morgan’s stepping over…again!

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What a whirlwind this story was! There was actually quite a bit that happens in this 6th (!!) instalment in The Hollows series. What I like about Harrison’s writing, is that no matter how much time I take from reading between this book series is that when I start reading another Hollows book, I always feel welcome. I start reading a Rachel Morgan story and I’m instantly transported into her life! Continue reading

Cold Attraction, by Zoe Ashwood | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my book review of

Cold Attraction, by Zoe Ashwood.

Trigger Warning: Torture mention, Blood, Murder, Attempted Murder, Attempted Rape (character saw), Attempted Rape mention, Deceased Parents mention.

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48131274._SY475_She’s hot for an alien…

Adriana is the first human to walk the icy planet Rendu as part of an exploration mission from Earth. An extraterrestrial anthropologist, she’s charged with observing the alien culture and finding out what makes them tick. One particularly gruff male makes her heart race and sends her professional judgment out the window…

… but he’s cold as ice.

Taron ad Naals brought an expedition of humans to his planet, only to find his home in political turmoil. The King is dead, and unscrupulous enemies threaten the young Queen’s life. On top of that, a certain voluptuous, warm-blooded scientist is set on uncovering secrets that should remain buried. One warm touch, and he’s hers: she brings him pleasure he never imagined existed.

Her love will melt his defenses.

As Adriana’s curiosity triggers a dangerous mess of galactic proportions, Taron must race to save her life. Yet she is the one who will rescue him – and his entire nation.

Cold Attraction is a steamy standalone Sci-Fi romance perfect for fans of sexy alpha aliens and strong heroines. It features a full HEA and has no cliffhangers.

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Cold Attraction took my by surprise… the best way possible. I did not expect what this story gave. I expected something a little more cheesy and completely off the charts unrealistic. Continue reading