Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles, by D.D. Miers, Graceley Knox | SERIES Book Review

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Today I have my Series book review of the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles series, by D.D. Miers, and Graceley Knox.

The Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles series is a series of 5 books.

I ended up reading the entire HBHC series within 3 days, so, everything that took place over the course of the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles has been melded into one big pile of “idk what happened, everything happened so suddenly.” Like, I opened the first book and BAM I was at the end of the series.

Since I will be talking about the entire series, I’ve put a little “read more” attachment, just in case!

I apologize for the messy review in advance. I also can’t remember if there were any triggers in the series.

What actually ended up happening was that I read books 1 – 3 in one sitting. I just couldn’t get enough of Morgan and her story. And then read book 4 the next day, and therein read book 5 the next day. I think I remember my past self being like “oof, that’s a lot to take in..”

I apparently drafted my review of Curse of Iron, and worked on my review for Heir of Storm. ..But I have no idea whatsoever where it may be. We’re both missing out, friend.

I jotted down that the first 3 books as incredibly interesting, yet also super frustrating.

There was talk about Morgan, the main character being a Kitsune and frankly, I was like, yelling in my head “YAAAAAS KITSUNE!!!” but then … nothing really happened. This kitsune talk was, for better or worse, swept aside and under a rug. Nevertheless! I still really enjoyed the story; obviously, lol.

Within the first 3 books, there was talk about Morgan being with someone (most likely her fated mate, I can’t remember), yet they “couldn’t be together because Morgan can’t shift.” Fam, I wrote that down, and I wrote it in a way that truly exclaimed how much bullshit of an excuse that was.

After I’d finished reading Reign of Rebels (Book #4), I had wished that there was more that had been talked about. And pretty much everything that I had predicted/wanted to happen within Reign of Rebels, did not happen. That was frustrating at the time, yet now I’m perfectly okay with that. The power of hindsight, I guess, haha.

Lastly concerning Reign of Rebels, I had wrote that this 4th book was an enjoyable addition to the story!

War of Thrones was a great ending to the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles. I remember getting super attached to Morgan, and that I had actually wanted more of her character in more books. Though when do I not?

This last book broke my heart, but I was glad that they all got their happy endings.

Throughout the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles, Morgan proved she could do anything she had set her mind to. She defied all odds, and accomplished what she’d set out to do. What more could I want in a character?

Anywhoozzles. I once again apologize for this messy series book review. I’m kicking myself in that I didn’t write more of a review, or wrote more notes. At the time though, I remember thinking that I don’t have to review everything that I read. Note to future self: while this may be true, you should write as much as you can anyway, because we check our blog first to see if we’ve read a book or not LOL.

All in all I’m giving this series 5 stars. I really enjoyed it, and had wished there were more to the story/series.

Here are my ratings for each book. You can click on the title of the books to be directed to their page on GoodReads!

(#1) Curse of Iron— 4 stars

(#2) Heir of Storm — 3.5 stars

(#3) Master of Magic — 3.5 stars

(#4) Reign of Rebels –4 stars

(#5)War of Thrones — 4 stars

Have you read the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles series, or anything else written by D.D. Miers, or Graceley Knox?

Be safe, and have fun! Happy Reading!
— Adele


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