Karneval Omnibus Vol. 03 + 04, by Touya Mikanagi | Manga Review #49 & #50

25066558Nai and the crew of the 2nd Ship head for the metropolis of Vantonam, with 1st Ship’s Jiki on board under Captain Tsukitachi’s orders. The group takes some time off to enjoy the city, but while browsing the Nyanperona Shop, they are called out by a young boy, and…?! Later, Nai receives a secret communication with a dire message from Karoku as Circus begins planning an attack upon the “Smoky Mansion,” where Karoku says he is being held. After the fierce battle ends and the dust settles, what truth will await Nai and Gareki…?!


One thing that I really like about these Omnibus books is that at the beginning of the volumes, there is colour pages of the characters. Which indeed helps bring these characters to life in the long run.

The plot thickens with intrigue due to the fact that there’s a traitor within the midst of the Circus crew. Or even within the Life Force sector. I remember seeing this unfold in the anime, but to see it, and consciously know who the traitor was is just heart breaking all over again.

I like that we’re closer to finding out who has Karoku, and why they have him. I mean, hopefully we find out the reasoning behind all the intrigue that is Karoku by the last page of the last volume.

The MUSHROOM CELL PHONE IS SO CUTE. I mean, all the Karneval creations are pretty cute, but their mushroom phone is probably the cutest thing in this 3rd Omnibus.

Gareki’s personal improvement is interesting and I’m very happy for him.

I felt that almost after halfway through this Omnibus volume, I didn’t know where the story was going to go. Which was a great thing for two reasons: I feel like I’m getting more storyline than what the anime provided, and two, HELLO? MORE STORY!!!

I’m eager to read the 4th omnibus!

I give this volume, 3 stars!

25861097After a successful rescue mission at the Smoky Mansion, Nai has his long-awaited reunion with Karoku and sees to his recovery aboard Circus’s 2nd Ship. Meanwhile, Gareki enrolls at the government school Chronomé Academy, where he applies himself to the Circus Program and experiences school life for the very first time. Though apart, both Nai and Gareki set to their individual endeavors, their hearts and minds never far from thoughts of each other.

Meanwhile, at Circus, Tsukumo and company undertake a dangerous undercover mission……


Have I mentioned how much I love the art that makes this series? Especially in the Omnibus volumes, because I don’t know if this is in the regular volumes but, when you open the cover page in the Omnibus books, there are a few coloured pages that have the characters on them. I love seeing them in colour! And I don’t think the scenes that are coloured are necessarily in the story line. It feels like…fan service, hahahahaha.

There’s so much that happens in this 4th Omnibus! There’s character development all around. Like, even some of the side characters had some improvement.

I’m glad that we get updates on characters from previous volumes.

Seeing Gareki at school and interact with his roommate and classmates is something that at the beginning of this series, would have never imagined. So I am particularly glad that Gareki’s character is moving towards a positive direction.

I also enjoyed seeing characters that were otherwise cold towards Nai, finally warm up to Nai.

I genuinely had a great time reading this 4th Omnibus. I have the next omnibus waiting to be read and let me tell you: with how this volume ended, I have no idea what to expect. The story at the end of this volume was left in utter chaos. So much could happen, so much could not happen.

I’m looking forward to the next volume!

I give Karneval 4th Omnibus, 5 stars.

Happy Reading!
— adele

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