He’s My Only Vampire Vol. 05, by Aya Shouto | Manga Review #35

25677552“Forget all love and thirst only for blood…”
Acquiring a third Stigma took a heavy toll on Aki’s body. To help him recuperate, Kana and the others plan a trip to a cozy hot-spring resort deep in the mist-shrouded mountains. Little do they know, this outing will open the sinister door of Aki’s “original sin,” and his hidden past will finally come to light!!

I like seeing the crush that Shiranui has on Kana. He’s so freaking adorable.

The obliviousness that Aki has is very…unusual to say the least.

OK, so, there seems to be a lot of things happening. and it seems that every other volume leads to a new discovery in the story. However, it’s slightly confusing, to say the least. With everything been thrown in, it seems like the author of the story just threw everything together hoping it would all fall into place.

Reading and seeing the history of the story was very interesting — especially since the history is seen from Kana’s point of view. I’m actually glad that we get to see/read the history between Eriya, Aki and Kana. The story felt a little off without it.

The story seems to be going in many different ways, so I’m interested in seeing what happens.

I give this 5th volume, 2 stars.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

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