Wings of Ice, by G. Bailey | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my book review of

Wings of Ice, by G. Bailey.

Wings of Ice is the first book in the Protected by Dragons series.

Trigger Warnings: Fighting, Bullying

38104406Four Dragon Guards. Three Curses. Two Heirs. One Choice…
Forbidden love or the throne of the dragons?

Isola Dragice thought she knew what her future would bring. On her eighteenth birthday, she’d inherit the dragon throne, but one earth-shattering moment destroys everything.
As war looms heavy over Dragca, Isola is catapulted out of her pretend human life and thrust into a world, she knows little of. One life-threatening accident, when she loses control of her dragon, ends up with the whole of Dragca academy hating her.
When the four most powerful dragons in history are ordered to protect her, they find themselves with an awkward problem. Her family cursed them centuries ago, relegating them to slaves of the throne and they hate all royals. Especially an ice dragon princess with no control over her powers that can kill fire dragons. Which the whole school is full of.
What happens when fire falls for Ice?

18+ **Reverse harem**

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Wings of Ice is a book that I didn’t put much thought into. Continue reading

Bond, by Tasha Black | (Mini) Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my review of Bond, by Tasha Black.

Bond is the first book in the Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides series.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Attempted Murder, Stalking, Sex Scenes

31945839When our otherworldly brothers arrive a last they expect a warm welcome…

Posey Quinn has always believed there was more to the world than what she can see. So when she arrives in Stargazer with her head full of conspiracies and high-end hairspray, she isn’t entirely surprised to learn that instead of donating eggs for tuition money, she is being asked to make an alien fall in love with her, and become an ambassador for humankind. What she doesn’t expect is how irresistible Bond is, and how hard it will be not to lose her own heart to the man who plays her body like a violin.

Bond is on Earth to fill one human female with as much pleasure as she can bear, a mission he’s finding very agreeable. But he’s not here to fall in love. Tasked with using his powers of human seduction to glean what he can about Earth and its inhabitants, Bond knows that if the planet’s resources are worthy and its residents aren’t, his days of pleasing Posey will soon be at an end.

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I honestly don’t have much to say about Bond.. Continue reading

Crazy, by Eve Langlais | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my book review of Crazy by Eve Langlais.

Crazy is the first book in the Crazy Ella in Love series.

Trigger Warnings: Rape Mention, Abuse Mention, Blood, Fighting, Murder

34320595Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Ella’s always heard voices and because of them, she ends up institutionalized at a young age. Everyone calls her crazy and she believes she is too until the night she meets a vampire and for the first time in her life, the voices shut up.

Zane just wants to enjoy his usual blood buffet, instead he runs into a wisp of a woman who makes him feel emotions he thought long dead. Rescuing her from the insane asylum, he brings her home, determined to seduce and feed from her, a plan that is foiled by ghostly voices determined to keep Ella untouched. But not even poltergeists can stand in the way of a vampire in love.

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Before reading Crazy, I thought that the synopsis was very intriguing. I also thought that I’d end up really enjoy reading this novel. How wrong I was on both accounts. Continue reading

Sold To The Werewolf Prince by Daniella Wright | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my review of Sold To The Werewolf Prince, by Daniella Wright.

Trigger / Content Warning: Murder, Imprisonment, Group Sex, Pregnancy

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The collar on my neck reads Tamkin the Fourth.
I have been assigned to an alien Prince.
And I am to bear his child.
43310100My ship was taken and my crew imprisoned.
They put us on trial. I watched others die in front of me.
Why would a prince be attending a trial?
I still don’t know the answer, but that may have just saved my life.
Lucky, you may think?
Not so sure.
One wrong insult in the wrong place – and they’ll execute me in the blink of an eye.
Either I hold my tongue – or I’m gone.
Such a shame I don’t do well with rules.
He wants a baby? He’ll get a baby.
But wait until I’m pregnant and I can open my mouth.
What is he going to do?
Kill me? I doubt it.
I’m going to make his life a living hell.
This is a stand-alone novel with an HEA. 
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Looking back on what the synopsis provides us, versus what actually happened within Sold To The Werewolf Prince… I ended up being disappointed. Continue reading

May 2019 Wrap-Up & Book Haul


Hello friends! Welcome to my May 2019 Wrap-Up!

I hope May has treated you well; and if not I’m sorry May was a bad month for you..

My May was very entertaining reading wise. Aside from reading though, May is also one of the busiest months of the year for my family. We have Mother’s Day, my dads birthday, my parents wedding anniversary, and finally, my sister’s birthday on the 31st.


Despite the busy month, I actually managed to read a ton of books. *whispers* I also managed to buy more ebooks than I thought I did. WHOOPS!

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State of the ARC #12



State of the ARC is a monthly meme at Avalinah’s Books meant to motivate you to finish up all your long overdue ARCs (Advanced or Early Reader Copies). You can track your reading progress and link up with your own post. Most commonly it comes out on the 30th of every month.

Hello everyone! Today is the day where I post another State of the ARC meme-post!

I haven’t posted a State of the ARC post since February, so this post is going to include March, April, and May.

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Kate’s Crew by Jayne Rylon | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my super short review of Kate’s Crew, by Jayne Rylon.

Kate’s Crew is the first book in the Powertools series. 

Trigger / Content Warning: Sex, Group Sex.

This book contains M/M/M/M/M/F sex scenes.

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34808839Nothing’s sexier than men with power tools.

Sultry summer heat has nothing on the five-man crew renovating the house next door. No one could blame Kate for leaning out the window for a better view of the manscape. The nasty fall that follows isn’t part of her fantasy—but the man who saves her from splattering the sidewalk is definitely the star.

When Mike personally attends to her injuries, she realizes her white knight in a hard hat has a tender side, giving her no choice but to surrender to the lust that’s been arcing between them since day one. In the aftermath of the best sex of her life, she whispers her most secret desire: to be ravaged by his crew.

She never expected Mike would dare her to take what she wants—or that the freedom to make her most decadent desires come true could be the foundation for something lasting…

Warning: This book may cause you to spontaneously combust as five hot guys bring a woman’s wildest fantasies to life during one blazing summer affair.

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I don’t actually have much to say at all about Kate’s Crew…

Surprisingly, the sex scenes got under way very quickly. And from then on there’s more sex…and more…and..more. You get the picture.

Pertaining to the Sexual scenes in this novel, I didn’t like how Rylon described what was happening. ….How everything was told it felt completely…corny—-but in a bad way.

Honestly, Kate’s Crew is a fast read as this review is. While there is some plot within this book, it’s mostly sex.

I give Kate’s Crew, 2 stars.

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Have you read anything by Jayne Rylon? 

Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon, and Happy Reading!

Runes of Mortality, by G. Bailey | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my review of Runes of Mortality.

Runes of Mortality is the second book in the A Demon’s Fall series by G. Bailey.

Trigger / Content Warning: Abusive Relationship, Alcoholism, Sex Scene

39795501Death should have been the end, but instead, it’s the start of my revenge… and they won’t see me coming.

Evie survived a trip to hell, literally, to find herself somewhere even more dangerous, with the angels. Angels who do not want to let her leave, not without a paying a price for the life they saved.

Angels. Demons. Protectors and more secrets than one world should hold. Who can Evie trust when everything is a lie? When it’s time for the assassin to return, and to claim what is hers, who will be on her side?

18+ Reverse Harem romance.

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First Line Fridays #12

Hello friends! Today I have another First Line Fridays post.


First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines? If you want to make your own post, feel free to use or edit the banner above, and follow the rules below:

  1. Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
  2. Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first
  3. Finally… reveal the book!

If you’re using Twitter, don’t forget to use #FirstLinesFridays!

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‘The Palazoo Falconieri stands on a promontory on one of the smaller Italian lakes.’ Continue reading

Claiming Mia, by Alisa Woods | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my review of Claiming Mia by Alisa Woods.

Claiming Mia is the first book in the Dot Com Wolves series.

Trigger / Content Warning: Murder Mention, Attempted Murder, Guns, Gun Violence, Blood, Sex Scenes

I’m a mess. Broken. Lost my mate and almost myself. In no shape to help anyone.

40719388-2Then the sexy girl serving me drinks stumbles into trouble with a bunch of wolves who are bad business—I should know. They’re the competition. And they’re as dirty at dot-com investing as they are predatory on young things like her. So I save her. Because I may be broken, but I’m not an ass.

Only she shows up the next day at my office. As my intern.

And now the Red pack is after her, putting us square in a pack war—one she doesn’t even understand. I’m in no shape to claim a mate—not happening—but if I don’t, the Red’s jackass of an alpha will.

I’m just trying to earn my degree and dig my way out of poverty.

I was born a shifter—more of my bad luck—but I’ve kept that a secret, so it doesn’t ruin my life. Shifters are monsters. Criminals. And I’m trying to make something of myself. This internship at the hottest internet business development firm in Seattle is my ticket out… only the boss is a wolf. And insanely hot. And he saved my life.

I’d break all the rules for this guy—except he wants nothing to do with me.

The wolves who do are the Big Bad Wolf kind. The kind I’ve always heard about.

I’ve got nowhere to turn… but to the one guy who doesn’t want me at all.

Claiming Mia (Dot Com Wolves 1) is a super-hot complete story with HEA.
(Formerly published as True Alpha).

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