The Wild Curse (2), Faerie Hearts (2.5), by Ron C. Nieto | Book Review #312

This review contains spoilers.

IMG_5178The game is neverending in the faerie realm. It must be played constantly, and death is just the beginning of defeat.

Lily Boyd is determined to be more than a pawn in this faerie game. With the Wild Horn in her possession, she holds the key to the Wild Hunt, an unstoppable force neither human nor fay can control. The Wild Hunt has the power to unbalance the Courts in the faerie realm. It’s the perfect bargaining chip for Lily to save her grandmother, but she must play the game wisely if she hopes to succeed. On one side, she has a deal with Cadowain, a Seelie knight who vowed to help Lily in her quest. On the other side, she is at the mercy of Troy, a trickster Kelpie from the Unseelie Court who can command her at will using her True Name.

Whatever path she chooses, Lily must walk a fine line, keeping her head, wit, and words about her as she formulates a plan to find the Faerie Doctor before it’s too late. She’s playing for the win now, and to achieve that, she must live up to her new name . . . the Herald of the Wild Hunt.

I’m glad that we got to see (through Lily’s eyes) the Winter, the Unseelie Court. I’m glad that so many things happened within these 200 pages.

Talking in terms of story progress, I am sincerely loving how the progress is going on in The Wild Curse. I like the observations that Lily makes between her and those who are around her. Example; Lily compares her height to that of Troy and the companion.

I am positively enjoying how underhanded Lily is becoming as she learns how to make her path through the Game. She’s actually learning to guide herself through the game fairly quickly, which is great honestly.

25790741I absolutely love whatever is growing between Troy and Lily. What these two have isn’t defined by anything. Maybe that’s why I love what they have so much? These two seem to steal moments here and there. And their whatever they have, isn’t started by the male, but actually initiated by the female. I that so much.

I also love the fact that Lily knows what’s happening, but Troy is finding out on his own. Like, Lily isn’t telling him at all. Can you tell that I ship them? Hahaha.

Prior to reading The Wild Curse, I had an idea of what to expect and what could happen. Let me just say that I am SO happy that the story took a turn that I wasn’t expecting. I would tell you what I thought to expect after I finished the first book…However, I can’t recall what I thought would happen. Once I opened this book and started reading The Wild Curse, that was it. All prior imagining’s dissipated!

I can’t wait for the next book to see how Lily absolutely demolishes Cadowain. I will genuinely cheer for his demise, holy crap.

If you’ve counted how many times I’ve said “love” then you can easily tell how much I ended up enjoying this sequel to The Wild Hunt.

I give The Wild Hunt, 5 of 5 stars on GoodReads.

Happy Reading!

Faerie Hearts (Fearie Sworn, #2.5) by Ron C. Nieto | (Novella) Book Review

28161377How far would you go for vengeance?
How much would you risk for curiosity?

After losing his one true friend to treachery and deceit, Troy is willing to go to great lengths to ensure the only other person that ever held an interest for him has a chance of survival. Even if doing so means risking the wrath of the Unseelie Queen, entering into impossible bargains and stirring secrets buried long before Time was born.
No odds are truly insurmountable.

Troy might be a solitary fae who despises the games of court, but he is also the Unseelie Trickster. When he chooses to play, he always wins.

I genuinely loved Fearie Hearts. Not only because it’s in Troy’s point of view, but because we see how he is own his own versus when he’s around Lily. I’m actually quite fond of Troy, so I hope nothing bad happens to him (something bad will happen to him, now that I’ve said that).

I ended up enjoying reading Faerie Hearts more than I thought I would. I laughed here and there, which I didn’t expect at all. I never even read the synopsis prior to reading the novella. Whenever I don’t read the synopsis’s for books, the books always turn out better, so I’m glad!

Fearie Hearts took on a different tune that I thought it would. I thought that perhaps, this book would be about Lily and Troy directly. Instead, Fearie Hearts is about Lily and Troy in an indirect way. Which, I think, is even better since that means that whatever Troy and Lily have is real. I’m just going to fangirl silently in front of my computer…

I thought that maybe, Troy’s POV would be insufferable. That Troy’s..Troy-ness was just a ploy and part of his plot of whatever he had planned with Lily. I’m so used to male characters being a douche-canoe that when a male character isn’t, it’s amazing. I’m glad that wasn’t the case at all with Troy!

I quite enjoyed Troy and his trickery he performed in Faerie Hearts.

I give Fearie Hearts, 5 of 5 stars on GoodReads.

Happy Reading!

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