Under Threat by Robin Stevenson | Book Review #112

It’s been a few days since I actually read this book, but I’m still having trouble pinpointing what this book is actually about. There are a few spoilers, so beware!

I’m actually a little bummed out that the synopsis on Goodreads lets down the book so much. I mean, the books description on Goodreads is literally one sentence.

“Franny’s life would be perfect if it weren’t for the death threats.”

While the book is pretty much framed around that one sentence, and the sentence is pretty much the book in it’s entirety, I can’t help but disagree with the synopsis a little. Under Threat is a book that deals with a lot of things. And for such a small book, it’s both a quick read and packs a punch while simultaneously raises a little awareness about the risk of being a doctor that provides abortions.

On the back of this book there’s a little more to the description of this book. It reads: Continue reading