Thrillerathon February 2019 Wrap Up

Hello friends! Welcome to today’s post, where I’ll be doing a semi-short wrap up of the Thrillerathon I took part of in February.


If you didn’t already know, in the third week of February 2019, there was a Thrillerathon being held and hosted over on Twitter, by the Twitter handle of @ thrillerathon. I participated in it, and I have THOUGHTS. Continue reading

Thrillerathon 2019 & TBR !


Hello friends! Today’s post is going to be about the Thriller-a-thon that I found over on Twitter.

Honestly, I am awfully excited about Thrillerathon.

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Thrillerathon was created by @ Harriet_Rosie_ on Twitter, and is┬átaking place from February 18-24. That’s 7 days! I have more than a few books I plan on reading. However, I’m a mood reader to the core. I may not end up reading any or even all of the books I’ve planned. Yikes!

If you’re interested in joining in, or reading along with the Thriller-a-thon, here’s the thrillerathon page on Twitter.

What I’m reading:

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