Popular YA Books I Haven’t Read | Part 1/?

pop.books_Hello friends! Welcome to a new little blog-post series where I will briefly talk about 5 popular books that I haven’t read.

Some of these posts in the future will have books that I’ve yet to read, and some will list books that I don’t intend to read.

Here are the 5 books that inspired the first part of my Popular Books I Haven’t Read series.

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TBR Tuesday #28

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.22.37 PMHello reader/s! I hope you’re well! For a while now, I’ve been writing a weekly or bi-weekly post about books that are on my TBR. TBR, if you don’t know is the abbreviation for To Be Read. My goal here is to shed some light on books that I’ve otherwise forgotten about. These books could be books I’ve been meaning to read from the library, or books that have been collecting dust on my shelves at home. My goal though is to say a little about the book and also give a little reasoning of why I want to read them. In hopes of reading them sooner than later.

Todays books are both Young Adult books. One is in the Contemporary genre, while the other is in the Horror genre.  Continue reading

Books I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn Part 3 | 2016

Hello all! Now that the month is November, this means that this is the third and last part of this years Autumn books that I’m Looking Forward to. I’ve liked doing these, so I’m going to try to do them monthly according to the seasons!

I don’t know about where you live, but where I live, November is typically the month where Autumn matures into Winter. In my mind I can see myself sitting on my bed with my window open reading a book while sipping some hot chocolate. Ahh, it looks so comfortable. But what books are being published in November that I’m interested in? Lets see!:

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