Transfusion Saga (Books 1-3), by Stephanie Hudson | Book Review

Hello and welcome to Adele Is Reading.
Today on the blog, I have my book reviews of:

Transfusion, Venom of Gods, and Blood of Kings, by Stephanie Hudson.

Transfusion (book 1), Venom of Gods (book 2), and Blood of Kings (book 3) are all books in the Transfusion Saga.

Trigger Warnings: Stalking mention, Stalking, Murder mention, Murder, Death, Torture mention, Blood.
Please note that there are probably a ton of other triggers that I’ve missed.

I’m just going to dive into this messy, messy review. Enjoy!

Also, quick side note, I don’t like the covers for the books, so I’m not including them in my post.

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