Sold To The Werewolf Prince by Daniella Wright | Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have my review of Sold To The Werewolf Prince, by Daniella Wright.

Trigger / Content Warning: Murder, Imprisonment, Group Sex, Pregnancy

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The collar on my neck reads Tamkin the Fourth.
I have been assigned to an alien Prince.
And I am to bear his child.
43310100My ship was taken and my crew imprisoned.
They put us on trial. I watched others die in front of me.
Why would a prince be attending a trial?
I still don’t know the answer, but that may have just saved my life.
Lucky, you may think?
Not so sure.
One wrong insult in the wrong place – and they’ll execute me in the blink of an eye.
Either I hold my tongue – or I’m gone.
Such a shame I don’t do well with rules.
He wants a baby? He’ll get a baby.
But wait until I’m pregnant and I can open my mouth.
What is he going to do?
Kill me? I doubt it.
I’m going to make his life a living hell.
This is a stand-alone novel with an HEA. 
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Looking back on what the synopsis provides us, versus what actually happened within Sold To The Werewolf Prince… I ended up being disappointed. Continue reading

May 2019 Wrap-Up & Book Haul


Hello friends! Welcome to my May 2019 Wrap-Up!

I hope May has treated you well; and if not I’m sorry May was a bad month for you..

My May was very entertaining reading wise. Aside from reading though, May is also one of the busiest months of the year for my family. We have Mother’s Day, my dads birthday, my parents wedding anniversary, and finally, my sister’s birthday on the 31st.


Despite the busy month, I actually managed to read a ton of books. *whispers* I also managed to buy more ebooks than I thought I did. WHOOPS!

Enjoy! Continue reading