Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Being Irish is weird to me. I love being from Irish dissent, but my family doesn’t really do anything Irish.. I must confess, I don’t know much about Saint Patrick’s Day. I remember reading that he was actually a huge jerk somewhere.. Any-hoozle! Saint Patrick’s Day is the day where you’d make little crafts of red headed folks, pots of gold with a rainbow leading to the other pot of gold.. Saint Patrick’s Day, to me, is the day in elementary school where we’d stop regular school and do crafts all day. As we grew older the crafting stopped, and the teasing began. If you didn’t wear green, you’d get pinched. And then, of course, there’s the drinking. Adults would go to the bars and get drunk and -hopefully- have a good time. And today I don’t feel like doing crafts, or baking anything. So that leaves books! Books are the one thing that I will go for, rain or shine!! Today in Vancouver, it’s a bright sunny day. I’m home and am having some fresh air run through the house.

Onto the books, shall we!

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