No Alpha, by G. Bailey | Book Review

Hello, friends! Today I have my book review of

No Alpha, by G. Bailey.

No Alpha is the first book in The Alpha Brothers trilogy.

TW: Slavery, Murder, Blood, mentions of rape, mentions of slavery. Sex scenes.

Also, just as a general side-note, No Alpha is one hell of a gruesome book. No Alpha is absolutely NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

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8C692B6E-498E-4B70-849B-738CA8F77236A wolf with no claim. A disgrace to the wolves’ society. Never fit to be a mate for any wolf… Trash.
Elodie Masters knows she is too weak to escape her life as a pack slave, a wolf with no claim and overall blight to the wolves’ precious society. When her pack is attacked, Elodie should have run, but instead she is kept by the Alpha Brothers.
Ruthless. Cruel. Heartless brothers…or at least that’s what everyone says about them.
And they were right.
The brothers don’t want her as a mate; they claim she is too weak to be anything…but they won’t let her go.
Yet sometimes strength hides in the weak, and you don’t see it coming until it literally bites you back.

Dark RH Romance 18+ WARNING: Contains dark themes not for the faint of heart.

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Wooooah-boy. This book. Seriously. The tone of the story that is carried on throughout the entirety of this first book is…intense. And I say that in a way that I can’t really begin to describe to you. But not for the lack of trying, No Alpha is a darker toned novel because the main character, Elodie, has been treated as a slave for all of her life, and in that, everyone (including Elodie herself) believes that she’s broken. That she’s a nobody and that no one will ever want her.

No Alpha is pretty much told from one point of view, and Elodie’s point of view is so, so stunted, because all Elodie has known in her life is that she can’t trust anyone, and her two emotions are Fear and Anger.

When Elodie is freed from her captors, Elodie slowly learns how to trust the guys around her–if not at least put an arms length away from them emotionally. So when she’s with the guys, and when Elodie learns the taste of her freedom, we see a totally different side of Elodie. She’s curious, and she can now stand for what she believes in–equal treatment for all.

The plot for No Alpha moves really quickly, and there’s actually quite a lot of sex involved in this book.

Overall, No Alpha was nothing at all as to what I expected.

I give No Alpha 3 stars.

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Have you read No Alpha, or anything else by G. Bailey? 

No Alpha is not my first read of G. Bailey, but perhaps it is the one that had let me down a bit.

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January 2020 Wrap Up

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Today I’m posting my January 2020 Wrap-Up. It’s kinda wild to think that we’re already a month in to the new decade, huh? I still can’t wrap my mind around it. 

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