I’m a Mood Reader?! | What it means for me…

Hello friends! As the title says, I’m a mood reader. Today’s post is about how being a mood reader affects my reading.

Mood Reader, at its base point, means that said mood reader tends to only read what they’re in the mood for.


  • Sad, down ‘n’ out: I might want to read a book where the story has a serious problem within. The story could be a happy one where the main character has something serious affecting them in that time of their story.
  • Feeling good: I tend to read a fluffy story. This story could either be more akin to a contemporary story.
  • If at the time I start reading, I’m angry, stressed, anxious, I need a book that is fast paced, filled with action and fighting scenes.

Sometimes I even end up marking multiple books as “currently reading,” because while the story may be interesting….it’s not what I’m looking for in that exact moment. And I know that I want to finish reading the book “soon.”

Though “soon” is a relative word. It could take me weeks, or usually, even months to finish reading said story.

How I prefer to read books, is to sit down and read the story from cover to cover. Which actually helps me curb be a mood reader… If I start reading a book and put it down, it’s actually incredibly difficult for me to pick it back up. If and when I don’t pick a book back up, it can sit on my TBR shelf for years and years before I decide that enough’s enough and I mark the book as Did Not Finish.

With all of this said, I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a mood reader. It’s just who I am.

Are you a mood reader? What’s your experience being a mood reader?

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