3 Books that I’ve DNF’d

Now, you may be wondering what “DNF” means. DNF is an abbreviation for Did Not Finish. I don’t know about you, but for me, there will always be some books out there that I haven’t, and won’t, finish. Some, if not most of us have unfinished books. There are a few people out there in the world who have finished every book they’ve read. I congratulate you. I couldn’t have stuck with it even if I wanted to.

Here are some of the ones that I’ve recently left unfinished. Continue reading

Library Reads #21


Library Reads: I’m a Library Lover, so these posts are where I document the books I’ve borrowed from libraries. I’ll tell you a little bit about what I expect from the book, or the author’s writings. Whether what I say is a sentence long, or a few sentence’s. From doing these posts, I hope to spread a little of my love for libraries, while also informing you of books that you may or may not have known of!

Hey everyone! Today’s post is just an update on some books that I’ve borrowed form the library! There’re some books in this list that are new, and some are books that I’ve read before. Enjoy! Continue reading

Library Reads | #17


Hello lovelies! As you can see, I have a Library Reads post for you today! I’ve been trying to put myself on a kind of library ban. I can get books as long as the books are part of a series I’ve started reading, or books that I’ve queued for in the past. — This ban isn’t working though! Which is totally fine, because library books are free for the most part.

Anyway, here are some books that I’ve borrowed from the library! I’m honestly looking forward to reading all of these babies. Continue reading