Totally Should’ve Book Tag

Hello loves! I hope today will, or has, treat/ed you well! So a while ago I watched jessiethereader’s video titled Totally Should’ve Book Tag, and I really liked the tag. So that’s what this post is about! Lets get onto the questions!!

1 – Totally should’ve gotten a sequel Continue reading

Book You’re Intimidated By | Top 5 Wednesday #12


Hello all! Today’s post is about Books I’m Intimidated By. Normally I’m not as intimidated as I am about some books, but recently I’ve been feeling a lot of fear, or anxiousness, or even a little anxiety at some books.

The first book is one that I shouldn’t be intimidated by but I am, even though I’ve already read it… Continue reading

5 Books that I Never Finished | Top 5 Wednesday #8


Hello all! I hope today has treated you well. Today’s Top 5 Wednesday Post, as you can see by the title, is about 5 Books that I never finished. I usually finish reading all the books I read. There are times though when something just bothers me about the book, so I decide to not finish it.

Onto the books!

The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise by Matthew Crow

In the case of this book, it was a whole lot of things. It was: Continue reading