Dragon’s Gift: The Forbidden Fae series, by Linsey Hall | Series Book Review

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Today I have my series book review of Dragon’s Gift: The Forbidden Fae, by Linsey Hall

Dragon’s Gift: The Forbidden Fae is a 3 part series.

Trigger Warnings: Sexual Scenes, Sex Scenes (fade to black). Fighting, Blood, & others that I unfortunately cannot remember.

Please Note that this review may contain spoilers.

My fated mate is a lethal fae king.
And I’m going to kill him.

Ever since the Court of Flames banished me, I’ve managed to hide my true nature–Chosen One of the Fire Fae, destined to save us all. Truth is, I’m not that impressive. I’ve spent my banishment hunting demons for fun and slinging drinks at Potions & Pastilles. But then the lethally sexy king of the Court of Ice finds me.

He’s been hunting me for years and wants to claim me as his fated mate. But it gets darker. He plans to sacrifice me to save his dying kingdom. One touch changes everything though, because I’m the only one who can warm him.

I’m going to use that to my advantage and convince him to return with me to the Court that banished me years ago. There, I will kill him before he kills me. But I’m playing with fire, because I’m not sure if I can I resist him long enough to change my fate, and if I don’t die, then his entire Court will. Including him.

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