September 2018 Books I’m Looking Forward to

ucbrpicHello friends! It’s that time of month again! Where I talk about the books that I’m interested in, which are being published next month! I’m actually really excited about this months’ post, because there is so much Fantasy! I guess Autumn is a super popular / great time to publish Fantasy books. Never fear though! There are a few YA Mystery books in here.

Let’s get onto the post, shall we? Here are the books that I’m looking forward to being published this September of 2018! There were actually quite a few books this month that caught my eye, which surprised me. Continue reading

TBR Tuesday #12

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Hello reader/s! I hope you’re well today! For a while now, I’ve decided to have a weekly post about books that are on my TBR. TBR, if you don’t know is the abbreviation for To Be Read. My goal here is to shed some light on books that I’ve otherwise forgotten about. These books could be books I’ve been meaning to read from the library, or books that have been collecting dust on my shelves at home. My goal though is to say a little about the book and also give a little reasoning of why I want to read them.

It rained yesterday, and honestly, it was such a nice reprieve from the hot weather that we had over the weekend.. Today’s actually a little chilly as well!

Today’s post is a little different from all the rest. These books both deal with difficult topics, and that’s why they’re both in this post. These books have two very different stories, but I know that if they’re more widely read that both these books will shed a light on these topics that some people (maybe most haven’t thought about). Both of these books have some triggering scenes, so beware if you do decide to read them. Continue reading