Black Butler Volume 01, by Yana Toboso | Manga Review #54

6690979In the Victorian ages of London The Earl of the Phantomhive house, Ciel Phantomhive, needs to get his revenge on those who had humiliated him and destroyed what he loved. Not being able to do it alone he sells his soul to a demon he names Sebastian Michaelis. Now working as his butler, Sebastian must help the Earl Phantomhive in this suspenseful, exciting, thriller manga.


There was little that I found I did not like about this first volume. For the most part, the story is great. However, there is a part in this volume that has me not wanting to read the rest of the volumes. Or at least, not read any of the volumes that the library has. The reasoning behind that I can give to you in one word: Elizabeth.

To elaborate more on that, simply put, I don’t like Elizabeth’s character at all. A little more detail on why I don’t like her is because she’s….over the top; extra.. I could tell that she’s used to getting her way with everything; AKA a spoiled brat.

I found her character to be annoying,  and I severely dislike how she acts around people. But since I’ve seen portions of the Black Butler anime I know Things are different than what we know as of now. I won’t give spoilers because there are those out there who haven’t read the manga series, and there are people who haven’t watched the anime.

With that said, I’m going to be contradicting myself here, but that’s fine. I’m going to be continuing on with the Black Butler series precisely because there’s so much to this story that I don’t know, and I want to find out what that is from the original story.

Since I’ve watched a few episodes of Black Butler before, I couldn’t help but hear the character’s accents when I read the manga. Which is both frustrating and funny. Frustrating because I can’t imagine the characters original voices come to life from the story. And funny because I can’t picture anyone else’s voices apart from the English Dub voice cast.

The people under Ciel’s employment are simpetons in the best way, and I’m sure there’s a reason for why they were hired. I hope we find out why they were hired later on. They’re just so darn cute though.

I give Black Butler Volume 01, 3 stars.

Happy Reading!
— Adele

Library Reads #40

libraryrreadsLibrary Reads: I’m a huge fan of libraries. I tend to visit the library quite often, and I even come across great finds. These Library Reads’ posts are where I write a tad about the books I’ve borrowed.

In this post I’ll write about what I expect from this novel prior to me actually reading the story. Whether what I say is a sentence long, or a few sentences. From doing these posts I hope to spread a little of my love for libraries and the stories they can give us. 

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Hello friends! Today I’m posting about the books I’ve borrowed recently from the libraries I go to. If you’ve read any of these books I’d love to know your thoughts on them, or maybe even link your review!

There are quite a few books in this post that I am 100% looking forward to reading. I’ve been in a Fantasy and Mystery binge lately, so if you have any recommendations hand ’em over! I love getting book recommendations.

The following books are the ones I’ve borrowed around the time of late July to the end of August.

This time around I’ve borrowed 12 books and even more manga! Continue reading