Friday Finds | #5

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Hello all! I hope this week has treated you well. Todays’ post as you can see, is a Friday Finds. I haven’t done one in a while and that’s solely because I had gotten tired of doing one almost every other week. I think from now on, I’ll only do Friday Finds as a once a month post, and the books that I list will be books that I actually deem interesting enough via the synopsis of books and then talk a little about them here.

I’m going to be trying something new today with my Friday Finds. I’m going to be listing the prices as well as the synopsis’ and my thoughts on the book’s.

The first book I’m going to talk about is: Continue reading

Friday Finds | #2

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I didn’t do a Friday Finds last week! I’m only kind of sorry! Also, am I the only one lately that doesn’t have the time to read lately? I seem to have been sucked into my tumblr, and participating in groups & discussions on GoodReads. And Instagram has a lot of my attention too! There are so many social media platforms that are out in the world! Instagram is honestly so easy.

I’m answering an ask for a recommendation over on my tumblr account, and because I was looking for books to recommend, I found a few books that are pretty interesting (the book covers will take you to the book on GoodReads!). Continue reading

Friday Finds | #1

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Hello! So this is going to be my own take on well, Friday Finds. I would like to say that there will be some quirky stuff on here, but I think that for the majority of the time, there will only be books. And since I seem to be on GoodReads all the time, I thought why not show you what books I come across? These books could be newly published, or have been published for a few years. That’s the fun of this! So here are 5 books that I found on GoodReads that have caught my eye. Lets gooo!!! Continue reading