Taken by the Dragon King, by Amelia Shaw | Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my book review of:

Taken by the Dragon King, by Amelia Shaw.

Taken by the Dragon King is the first book in the Fire and Ice series.

Trigger Warnings: Blood, Torture mention, Kidnapping, Sex Scenes.

Stavrok won’t let anything stand between him and his mate.

There’s a beast inside of me, and there will be a time when I can’t control him.

That’s what my father told me happens when my dragon finds his mate. He will claim them. He will not be gentle. He will not be sweet.

My dragon will do whatever it takes to ensure his mate doesn’t leave, no matter the cost.

Lucy thinks soulmates are only for her dreams.

When a stranger breaks into my home and comes after me, I recognize his face. He’s the man from my dreams—the one I’m destined to fall in love with.

But I don’t believe in soulmates. That’s why I try to flee.

Stavrok takes Lucy to the snowy mountains, hellbent on proving she’s his mate.

But then his kingdom is attacked, and Lucy is stolen away from the Dragon King.

Now her only hope lies in knowing Stavrok will turn the world to ash and brimstone looking for her…and his dragon babies.

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Outfoxed, by Skye Cavanagh | Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my book review of:

Outfoxed, by Skye Cavanagh.

Trigger Warnings: Fighting, Blood, *lots of* Sex Scenes, Drugging, Kidnapping, and Murder.
Please note that there may be possible triggers that I’ve missed.

Little fox shifter in a big bad wolf’s world.

My day started like every other day, my colleagues laughing at the tiny fox while I took down a red cap twice my size. It ended with an undercover job with three incredibly hot guys who are now my fake husbands.

This was the stuff of dreams. If the job went well I’d get a promotion and the big undercover jobs would become my norm. Except things never go quite to plan do they?

We were supposed to watch the pack dealing in a deadly and highly illegal drug. Except I spotted something else, something much bigger and more far reaching. Soon we were pulled into the fae courts, the elite dragon houses, and worse; there might be ties to the agency I’d dreamt of working for since I was a little girl.

Time to show the world just how well this tiny fox kicks ass.

This is a standalone reverse harem romance with fake relationships, three smoking hot shifter guys, and a tiny fox heroine with a point to prove.


From GoodReads [x]:


Let’s start off with mentioning that there quite a few sex scenes within Outfoxed. For real. And the last sex scene in the book (pretty much the end scene to this first novel) is one big incredibly detailed and unnessecarily descriptive sex scene that I honestly skimmed over. Now…I’m all for sex scenes in books. However, the last one that I’m mentioning was too much for me. Yikes. 

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Saved by Blood, by Sadie Moss | Book Review

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Today on the blog I have my book review of:

Saved by Blood, by Sadie Moss.

Saved by Blood is the first book in the The Vampire’s Fae series.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Fighting, Blood, Kidnapping (Main character wakes up in a room she doesn’t recognize, and tied to a bed she can’t escape from–scene is over quickly and she’s untied, and released), Skin-carving (from an assailant), Murder mention, Kidnapping mention.

They found me nearly dead. To save me, they had to turn me…
When I moved to New York after a bad divorce, I planned to re-invent myself… I just had no idea the ‘new me’ would be a vampire.

Or that the three (yes, three!) vampires who turned me would be the hottest, most frustrating men I’d ever met.

Now creepy shadow monsters are stalking me, and I don’t know why. But teaming up with these dangerously sexy brothers may be my best chance for survival, even though being around them does weird things to my heart.

The old me was too scared to even start dating again.

The new me?

She wants to devour all three of them.

This is the first book in The Vampires’ Fae Series, a medium-burn reverse harem story intended for ages 18+. This book contains strong language, sexual situations, and a heroine who doesn’t have to choose between her men.

From GoodReads [x]:


Good start to the trilogy, though I believe that I am stopping my reading of The Vampire’s Fae series.

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Mini Book Review Pack (#2): Her Dragon Daddy, Ill Will,The Tiger Kings, Forged in Fire, Deadside Reapers

Hello, and welcome back! Today on the blog we have another Mini Book Review Pack.

These kinds of posts are going to be a normal thing from now on. I find it immensely easier if I were to do mini reviews here and there, where they’re hopefully easier to read. Whereas, if I did a “full” book review for each and every book I read. So…here you go!

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Crescent Wolves, by G. Bailey, & Regan Rosewood | Book Review

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Today I have my book review of:

Crescent Wolves, by G. Bailey, & Regan Rosewood.
Crescent Wolves is the first book in the Supernatural Shifter Academy series.

Trigger Warnings: Attempted Child Abuse, Attempted Assault, Kidnapping, Torture mention, Murder, Human/Shifter Experimentation.

Secret societies. Magical boarding schools. Supernatural beings…What could go wrong? 

I’m Millie Brix and apparently, I’m a supernatural shifter. Funny eighteenth birthday present, right?

Chosen for Supernatural Shifter Academy, I have to learn which shifter clan I belong to and how to use my powers that are slowly growing out of control. Supernatural Shifter Academy only has five hundred places and if I’m not strong enough to survive, I won’t get to walk away.

The Sirens lure you in, the Wolves bite first and ask questions later, the Dragons only care for themselves, the Vampires plan to own the world and the Witches will do whatever it takes to win.

I’m not going to let the academy or its students beat me, that’s for sure. 

With a prince of the Vampires seducing me, a secretive Siren dead set on making me his, a gorgeous Wolf shifter who wants to claim my heart and an alpha Dragon who sees me as a prize he wants to keep… the academy is far more dangerous than it looks.

In this academy, secrets are the only thing you can trade with and I’m right in the middle of the biggest secret the academy has.

And when the truth comes out…the academy will fall. 

17+ Reverse Harem Romance which means the main character will have more than one love interest. This is book one of a five-book series and will be rapidly released.

From GoodReads [x]:

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Mini Book Review Pack (#1): The Beginning; Spells of Iron & Bone; Moon Tortured; Claiming Her Innocence; Reckoning

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Today’s post is a little different…I have a series of mini reviews! I want to keep Mini Book Review posts between 3 – 5 books. In these posts I won’t be sharing their synopsis’. I feel that would take up too much of your time. However, I will be including their covers, and what I thought. As well asa handy dandy link to their GoodReads page(s).

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Lia, Human of Utah, by Greg Ramsey |ARC Book Review

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Today I have my ARC book review of Lia, Human of Utah, by Greg Ramsey.

A huge Thank You to Netgalley, for allowing me to read Lia, Human of Utah in exchange for an honest review.
This in no way has impacted my review. 

Trigger Warning: Murder, Fighting, Blood, Terrorist Attack mention, Loss of a Child mention, Grief.

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36451444._SX318_In the year 2342, Lia wakes up to a nightmarish world where the remnants of mankind have mutated into ravaging monsters. Alone and hunted, she struggles to remember who she is and what happened to civilization.

She cannot run forever. But when she turns on her hunters, the mutation takes her over violently. Now she must fight to maintain her humanity and uncover the terrible truth behind the apocalyptic infection—before the beast within her takes over and seals her fate forever.

Who is she? What is she? The fate of Earth hinges on the answers. And even all her courage may not be enough when the moment of truth arrives.

Release date: September 1, 2017.

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Let me start things off with saying that I hyped up this book way more than I should have. There were so many things that completely fell flat from my expectations. Continue reading

Breaker, by Harloe Rae | Book Review

Hello, friends! Today I’m reviewing

Breaker, by Harloe Rae.

TW; Stalking, Wrongful imprisonment, Death of a Parent, Drug & abuse mention, Drug Addiction (a character’s mom).

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50090897._SX318_SY475_“Tell me a happy something, Sutton.”

I was only seven the first time Grady Bowen whispered those words to me. Cloaked by the black sky under a blanket of stars, it was easy to get lost. He didn’t have any good memories of his own, and needed to borrow mine. I’d willingly give him anything.

Being infatuated with that boy was a beautiful curse. What could have been special didn’t get the chance to bloom. He’d never see me as more than his best friend’s kid sister. That was a hard lesson to learn, but not the most difficult.

Grady had always been struggling against the odds. Eventually he quit fighting and let his family’s reputation own him. Try as I might, those influences were beyond my reach.

He didn’t mean to break my heart. Or maybe he did. I shouldn’t have made it so easy for him. Either way, our wrongs against each other carved new lines between us.

I went four years without seeing Grady—each one more painful than the last. That distance did nothing to dull my feelings toward him. But things are different now. Most noticeably is Grady. I barely recognize this man he’s become. And that’s the way he intends to keep it. Not that it really matters.

Grady Bowen stopped being my happy something long ago.

✔️Older brother’s best friend
✔️Small town, country romance
✔️Broody, broken hero
✔️Sweet, genuine heroine
✔️Gut-wrenching feels
✔️Total standalone

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I’m totally up for reading more Harloe Rae books. Yet Breaker was an absolute miss for me. I didn’t really like it at all, and I stuck out until the end.

What I didn’t like about it was that it was 100% predictable, and while there were sweet part, even sexy, steamy, parts to the story…..I didn’t enjoy the story overall.

A big part of the story that I didn’t enjoy was actually the characters themselves.

Grady……well, if Grady wasn’t so gruff and kept LITERALLY EVERYTHING close to his chest (mostly his anger) he would’ve been more interesting.

I genuinely didn’t like Sutton either. There were moments where both Grady and Sutton were okay on their own, and sometimes together too. Actually, these two were better together than they were apart from one another.

This review is soooo messy and that’s because I literally cannot with Breaker. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like the antagonist in this story — a literal proven, tested, psychopath —  with his sick, stalker fantasies towards Sutton.

So, to wrap up my thoughts on Breaker: I absolutely did not like it.

I give Breaker, 1 star.

Have you read Breaker, or anything else written by Harloe Rae? What were your thoughts on what you read? 

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Once Upon A Wolf, by Scarlett Snow | MINI Book Review

Hello! Today I have my book review of

Once Upon A Wolf, by Scarlett Snow, and Tiegan Clyne.

Once Upon A Wolf is the first book in the Everafter Academy series. 

Trigger Warnings: Sex, blood, murder mention, hanging mention, Scarring, pain addiction, BDSM.

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46219264._SY475_Once upon a time a wolf took everything away from me.
I’m here to return the favor…

When the Big Bad Wolf and his pack of witch hunters murdered my family, I made a deal with the Devil in exchange for revenge.

Giving him my soul was the easy part.

Surviving Everafter Academy… now that deserves a medal.

I’m not the Red Riding Hood everyone thinks I am. I’m Ravyn, the witch with a deep, dark secret, and I’m only at this school to hunt down my family’s killer. If pretty boys Erik, Christopher, and Gideon think they can make my life hell just because I’m different, they’re in for a surprise.

I’m going to make these Prince Charmings regret the day they ever wronged me.

Everything I do is chaos. Everything I touch turns to darkness. They can call me a monster because that’s exactly what I am.

My heart isn’t meant to be won over or broken. It’s meant to be feared.

With a trio of jealous princesses determined to put a hex on me, a magical school full of ‘good’ fairy tale creatures that despise my kind, secrets galore, and a headmaster whose dark desires rival my own, I’m here to prove that even villains deserve their happily ever after.

Mine just involves bloodshed, blackmail, and sweet sinister revenge.

What can I say? I’m a Dark Witch. It’s in my nature.

Now sit back and let me tell you how fairytales REALLY go. It all starts with an altar…

Everafter Academy is a Dark Reverse Harem Romance. Each fairytale creature has been modernized and thrown into a world of magic, depravity, and allure, and Ravyn will never choose which path—or man—she truly wants. Why choose when she can have them all?

Themes: bully, forbidden romance, student/teacher, D/s relationship
Genres: reverse harem, academy, fantasy, fairytale
Heat Level: Scorching-hot, rough, consensual scenes that are for 18+ only.

From GoodReads [x]:


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Though the synopsis for Once Upon A Wolf sounds lighthearted, believe me when I say that the contents of this story are far from “light.” There’s a lot of BDSM within the story.

Even though there are a few different points of view within this novel, I’m glad that the main character that we read from is Ravyn. 

Ravyn continually was the most interesting character that there was. 

However Once Upon a Wolf has left me disappointed. The reveal at the end of this first novel was something I predicted once the character was introduced to us and the story. 

I do love a story about revenge. I believe that’s what finalized the fact that I’d read Once Upon A Wolf. However, with the way that this first book in Ravyn’s story played out….I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to be reading more of the Everafter Academy series.

I give Once Upon A Wolf, 1 star.

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Have you read Once Upon A Wolf? What’d you think of it? 

I had high hopes for Ravyn and her story… Unfortunately I think that I put my hopes for this story too high.

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See you soon, and Happy Reading!

Shunned, by Steffanie Holmes | Book Review

Hey friends! Today I have my book review of

Shunned, by Steffanie Holmes.

Shunned is the first book in the Kings of Miskatonic Prep series. 

Trigger Warnings: Sex with a Minor, SEVERE / BRUTAL Bullying.

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45315525._SY475_I should have kept my mouth shut.
I should have let them win.
Now the kings of the school are out for my blood,
… and they’re not the only ones.

The fire took everything.
My parents. My best friend. My life.

Now I have a second chance.
I only have to endure one year at this prestigious academy for rich snobs.
One year of being the charity case no one wanted.
One year of taunts and insults and bullying. Then I’m free.

But I didn’t count on Trey, Ayaz, and Quinn.
Arrogant, privileged, dangerous.
Drop-dead fucking gorgeous.
They want me gone.
They want me to suffer.
They’re determined to make my nightmares real.

Tough luck, bully boys – I won’t hide away.
I’m not afraid.
But maybe… I should be.

HP Lovecraft meets Cruel Intentions in this dark paranormal reverse harem bully romance. Warning: Not for the faint of heart – this story of three broken bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, crazed cultists, books bound in human skin, high-school drama, swoon-worthy sex, and potential triggers.

From GoodReads [x]:


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Shunned is a dark and heavy novel. I would not suggest reading this book at all. Especially if you’re looking for a light read. Like, no.  Continue reading