Dear Heart, You Screwed Me, by Ashlee Rose | Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my book review of:

Dear Heart, You Screwed Me, by Ashlee Rose.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Death of a loved one (partner), mention of Car Accident resulting in death, Grief, Sex Scenes, (Accidental) Pregnancy.

Dear Heart,

I can’t believe I am even writing this.
I wanted a fresh start, to follow a new dream that I had to find after I lost Elijah.

Moving to New York was the best thing for me.
I had it all planned out.
New Friends, New Job and a New Adventure.

And a new adventure I had.

My best friend’s dad.
It was supposed to be a taboo fling… but it was so much more.

We were tied together by more than a mutual connection.
It ran deeper than blood.

The thought of starting over again petrified me, but here I am, ready for a new beginning and the new adventure I craved, it just wasn’t the one I had planned.

Dear Heart, you screwed me.

Dear Heart, You Screwed Me is such an emotionally charged story.

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The Tycoon, by Molly O’Keefe | Book Review

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Today on the blog I have my book review of:

The Tycoon, by Molly O’Keefe.

The Tycoon is the first book in the King Family series.
The King Family series is a companion series.

Triggers / Content Warnings: Sex scenes, Emotionally Abusive Father, Abusive Step-Mother (unspecified), mentions of Theft, mentions of Parents Death, Death of a Parent.

C12FE185-DCE2-4056-9D6F-40C17C5FA330The cruel and beautiful man who ruined my life has everything he wants—everything except me.

Five years ago, Clayton Rorick loved me. Or so I thought. Turned out he only wanted to get his hands on my daddy’s company. Heartbroken, I ran away with nothing but the clothes on my back. Like a twisted Cinderella. When my father dies, leaving my sisters in a desperate situation, it’s up to me to help them.

I’ll have to beg the man who broke my heart to save us.

But Clayton hasn’t forgotten me and what he wants in exchange for his help is…my body, my heart and my soul.

Being as honest as I can possibly be, I found The Tycoon was…an alright story. The Tycoon definitely has ups and downs. One thing that the story as a whole, is, that it’s an emotional rollercoaster.

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Feral, by Skye Cavanagh | Book Review

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Today I have my book review of:

Feral, by Skye Cavanagh.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Torture, Torture mention, Stabbing, Blood, Poisoning, Fighting, Fighting to the death, Beheading, Beheading mention, mentions of Child Abuse, (rough/’normal’) sex scenes, detailed sex scenes.

7C07A322-E488-49AA-92AA-9662108A408CThey lied to me. All of them.

I was raised to believe that I was a warrior witch, someone who made the world a little safer. On my sixteenth birthday, I found out that I’m nothing more than a monster myself – a fae abomination created to protect the queen of the Fallen.

For eight long years I ran from the fae who’d have me take up my place at the queen’s side. Then I found him, my light in the darkness. Someone I could trust. Sean was my chance at a normal life. At freedom.

He was the worst of them. He gave me everything I thought I wanted. I gave him my heart, and in turn he sold me to the queen.

The court is a cold and cruel place. There is no kindness for a creature like me. They tried to break me, to make me into one of them. I endured far more darkness and punishment than I’d ever have thought possible. I was lost, broken.

One day they threw me to the wolves. Little did they know that those beautiful creatures were my fated life bonds. Three incredible predators who would take on the world to keep me safe. To see me smile.

The court wanted me to be a monster, a creature forged of blood and shadow. Now, with my life bonds at my side, I will show them just how monstrous I really am.

Fallen is a darkish paranormal reverse harem romance not suitable for sensitive readers. It features a strong heroine, and three devoted men who’d take on the world for their lifebond.

This book was previously called Fallen. The content is exactly the same. Only the cover and title changed.

From GoodReads [x]:


First opening the book and diving into Feral, I had high hopes for the story. Not gonna lie.

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[ARC] Dreams of Fire, by Christian Cura | Book Review

Hello, friends! Today I’ve got my ARC book review of

Dreams of Fire, by Christian Cura.

Dreams of Fire is the first in its series.

A huge Thank You to Christian Cura, for allowing me to read Dreams of Fire in exchange for an honest review.
This in no way has impacted my review. 

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48720082._SY475_Meet Kara Hartman, a young painter living and working in D.C. She would love to let you believe she is just an ordinary young woman with a dream of sharing her art with the world. But she is hiding an astonishing secret: Kara can wield magic, the most powerful force in the universe. Traumatized by the loss of her brother, she wants nothing more to do with magic. But when an old foe resurfaces, hellbent on destroying all that she loves, Kara has no choice but to embrace the only power that can stop her.

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DNF – Dragon Whisper, by Niamh Murphy | Book Review

Hey friends! Today I have my book review of

Dragon Whisper, by Niamh Murphy. 

Dragon Whisper is the first book in The Dark Age Trilogy.

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42747802._SY475_For fans of Sarah J. Maas, Game of Thrones, and Skyrim comes a queer, epic fantasy set in a land of Dark Wizards and Warrior Queens…


To save herself, she will first have to save the world.

In the dying forests of the Weald Wood, Breanna, a young outcast, is simply trying to earn a Hunter’s axe.

When she witnesses the sacred Forest Drake kill her father and destroy her village home, she knows her life is forever altered. But Breanna holds a secret that could be the key to stopping the Ancient Dragon God’s rampage.

The fate of every being in the land now depends on one young woman who can hear the Dragon’s Whisper.

Will she find her courage, or see her world destroyed?

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Not gonna lie—I had incredibly high hopes for Dragon Whisper. I read the synopsis and thought “this is going to be amazing.” I thought action packeddragonsmagic, and a few other things as well. However…. Continue reading