Taken by the Dragon King, by Amelia Shaw | Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my book review of:

Taken by the Dragon King, by Amelia Shaw.

Taken by the Dragon King is the first book in the Fire and Ice series.

Trigger Warnings: Blood, Torture mention, Kidnapping, Sex Scenes.

Stavrok won’t let anything stand between him and his mate.

There’s a beast inside of me, and there will be a time when I can’t control him.

That’s what my father told me happens when my dragon finds his mate. He will claim them. He will not be gentle. He will not be sweet.

My dragon will do whatever it takes to ensure his mate doesn’t leave, no matter the cost.

Lucy thinks soulmates are only for her dreams.

When a stranger breaks into my home and comes after me, I recognize his face. He’s the man from my dreams—the one I’m destined to fall in love with.

But I don’t believe in soulmates. That’s why I try to flee.

Stavrok takes Lucy to the snowy mountains, hellbent on proving she’s his mate.

But then his kingdom is attacked, and Lucy is stolen away from the Dragon King.

Now her only hope lies in knowing Stavrok will turn the world to ash and brimstone looking for her…and his dragon babies.

To be quite honest with you, I had high hopes for Taken by the Dragon King.

Within the story there are two different view points and honestly, I don’t know how to get into detail about the two. For our male lead, he’s used to getting what he wants, and used to people following his orders; since he is the King over his ruling lands.

The second pov we have is from our female lead, who, is kidnapped from Earth, and brought to this “pocket world” that is just “to the left” of Earth. Our female lead is quite the firecracker. I actually like her a lot, so I’m glad that she got her happy ending.

However! What I’m not happy about is how the story, in its most basic tellings, is a case of stockholm-syndrome. Like literally Man is craving his Mate, so he goes into the closest Human Town, and Finds His Mate. Literally wherein not even 5 minutes of seeing her, He Steals Her and Takes Her Back To His Castle to….ravish? They have sex not long after they’re back at the male lead’s castle/home/bedroom. And then they “fall in love” because they’re true mates.

Anyway, this book felt more like a prologue to a story that isn’t even theirs. “Book 2,” is legit about two different characters entirely. So.

I’m giving this book 1 star. — All in all, Taken by the Dragon King was….such a huge letdown.

I had quite the problem with Taken by the Dragon King, but I hope that if my reviews’ affect you at all, that you don’t let my thoughts change your opinion of the novels.

Taken by the Dragon King turned out to not be for me and that’s okay!

Thank you for stopping by.

See you soon, and happy reading.


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