Transfusion Saga (Books 1-3), by Stephanie Hudson | Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my book reviews of:

Transfusion, Venom of Gods, and Blood of Kings, by Stephanie Hudson.

Transfusion (book 1), Venom of Gods (book 2), and Blood of Kings (book 3) are all books in the Transfusion Saga.

Trigger Warnings: Stalking mention, Stalking, Murder mention, Murder, Death, Torture mention, Blood.
Please note that there are probably a ton of other triggers that I’ve missed.

I’m just going to dive into this messy, messy review. Enjoy!

Also, quick side note, I don’t like the covers for the books, so I’m not including them in my post.

Initially I thought that Transfusion would be way overrated. Like, totally-out-of-control, what-the-hell-is-going-on-here?! I genuinely didn’t think that I would have liked the book, but I tried it out anyway in hopes that I would have actually enjoyed the story. I don’t have high expectations though…

Which is probably what saved the book, in my opinion!

One thing of important note is that Hudson really likes to paint a picture—the story is incredibly detailed. I often found myself skimming these portions of the novel, just to get to the plot part of things.

With that just been said, I’ve got to also point out that there’s only one point of view, which I was oddly grateful for.

Transfusion was really good. Like wow, this first book made me have huge hopes for the second book, and the rest of the series.

Overall, I’m giving Transfusion, 3 stars.

Venom of Gods, and Blood of Kings….

In books 2 & 3 there’s another view point, and that is from a male… Who is quite sure that the female lead is his Mate.

He’s really possessive and has a….I don’t want to say “caveman”-esque but his actions, especially towards the female lead are caveman-ish.

I like the plot of the story but I could do less with the colours of everything. Like, 90% of everything in the story is described in detail. Hence, why I believe that if there were less overly-detailed descriptions of things, the books could be really good.

Instead, I’m reading the books because I am genuinely enjoying the plot aside from the “romance / sex scenes”… and there are a lot of sex scenes. Some that last pages long.

Venom of Gods and Blood of Kings are both getting 3 stars from me.

Have you read this Transfusion saga/series by Stephanie Hudson?

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See you soon, and happy reading.


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