Dragon Fated, by River King | Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my book review of:

Dragon Fated, by River King.

Dragon Fated is the first book in the Call of Ancient Magic series.

Trigger Warnings: Blood, Stalking mention, Murder mention.
Please note that there may be triggers that I may have missed.

I’m a magical protector for hire, a half-fae used to killing goblins and big, ugly trolls.

But there’s something more sinister stalking this dragon, and the Council has hired me to figure out who. Except the dragon doesn’t exactly want my help. He figures a half-fae like me isn’t up to the challenge.

But I figure his sexy ass needs someone who can look at things a bit differently. Someone who doesn’t play the politics game.

Someone who can’t be bought.

Because this job isn’t for the faint of heart. One wrong step, and we might both be killed. And trust me, it’s effing hard to kill a half-fae who doesn’t want to die.

I had high hopes for Dragon Fated; I’m not gonna lie. The story went in a different direction that I had initially anticipated, and I absolutely know that it’s my fault for assuming what would happen. I can’t help though, just being a tad disappointed after reading DF and nothing had gone to “my” plan. 

One thing that I’m tankful for in the story is that theres only one point of view. If there were multiple points of view in this book, I figure it would have been one confusing story. 

I like the firepower that main character has, and that she’s so badass, but yet she’s soft as well. And how she actually feels her emotions and doesn’t toss them aside. Or when she does experience something that leaves her emotional (and she can’t feel the things she needs to feel,) she’ll cry in private. Which kinda hit close to home.

Story was kinda long, and in some parts were dragging on and on. I want to say that the story would have done better if this first book were divided into two books, but idk how I would feel about that, if that were the case. 

The general story is….something. Like, I didn’t enjoy it, but I didn’t hate it either. I don’t want to say that it was “okay,” but maybe the story is more…meh?

I like that there were mentions, and how this book is very loosely based on Morgana Le Fay, and Arthur Pendragon. I don’t see very many books like that. 

All in all, I’m giving Dragon Fated, 2.5 stars. 

I like the characters, but I dont think I’m going to read the rest of the series. At this moment of time at least.

Thank you for stopping by.

See you soon, and happy reading.


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