Dragon Taken, by Alexis Pierce | Book Review

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Today on the blog I have my book review of:

Dragon Taken, by Alexis Pierce.

Dragon Taken is the first book in the Draecus Clan series.

Trigger Warnings: mentions of Stalking, Attempted Drugging, Attempted Kidnapping, Kidnapping, minor Frostbite, Anxiety / Fear, Sex Scenes, Murder, Blood, Depression, mention of Emotional Abuse from a parent, mention of Sexual Harassment. 

Serenity had no idea that dragons existed.
She knows she’s weird, but she’s pretty good at hiding the occasional incident of her hands catching fire.
When she has the worst day of her life, though, she discovers that the world is not quite what it seems.
Just like that, she’s whisked away into a world of dragon shifters, and four in particular seem intent on her.
Can she accept her place in this new world of dragons? Or will she break under the pressure?

Dragon Taken is a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance.

From GoodReads [x]:


I hadn’t read a dragon-shifter book in a long time, and frankly, I love dragon-shifter stories a lot. Which is maybe why I haven’t read too many (in comparison to wolf-shifter stories).

Going into Dragon Taken I had no idea what would happen in the book, I think I read like, maybe the first 2 sentences of the synopsis and was like “YES, THIS IS FOR MEEEEE” and then downloaded the book, hahaha. 

Needless to say there were quite a few things that surprised me throughout this first installation of the Draecus Clan series. 

First off, the main character, Serenity, is such a relatable character, since she herself has no idea what’s going on. But she instinctually trusts the people helping her. Secondly, Serenity’s reactions to her new world are completely believable and 100% felt genuine to me. Which typically doesn’t happen to me.

Other than that, I can genuinely say that I have no other notes on the book aside from points of view (below). And that I love love loooved Dragon Taken. I mean, I must’ve read it in one go after a while, and not taken any notes on the way. Which is truly a shame on my part, because I would’ve loved to see what I thought of the book 19 months after first reading it. For context, I read Dragon Taken in April of 2021.

Within Dragon Taken there are 5 points of view——though we mainly read from Serenity. The other 4 points of view were delightful to read as well. Going into the different points of view:

Serenity, mc, in this first book she’s more of a damsel in distress, but i’m honestly ok with it since she was completely, 100% thrust into her new normal with absolutely NO knowledge of everything—but more importantly, had no knowledge of biological DNA. 

Matthew, kind of a hardass, but is actually a softy towards Serenity. Especially when he knows that his adoptive father is up to no good. 

Dylan, has a traumatic past, treated like a monster his whole life, until Serenity comes into the picture, and she resonates with him. Sexy irish thing going on, and very formally informal around Serenity. 

Liam, can literally read minds (which is so cool, and in some instances, hilarious. Usually the calm and collected one.

Adrien, I’m not going to say that he’s obsessed with Serenity, but it comes close. Serenity is like, his one / main purpose in life and he makes it clear that he has/ loves Serenity. — Which is confusing for me to say. It was kinda confusing writing that. But it is how it is.

The story has such an easy flow to it, and nothing…absolutely nothing in this story felt forced. So to me, I found Dragon Taken to be a great read. 

I’m giving Dragon Taken, 5 stars. 

Do you read shifter novels? What was the last book you gave 5 stars to?

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See you soon, and happy reading!


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