Van Helsing Rising, by Helen Scott | Book Review

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Today on my blog I have my book review of:

Van Helsing Rising, by Helen Scott.

Van Helsing Rising is the first book in the Immortal Hunters MC series.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Abuse, Abuse from parent, Child Abandonment, Alcoholism / Alcoholic parent mention, Kidnapping, Abusive (past) partner mention, Fighting, Blood, Sexual Scenes, Drugging, Torture mention.

Please note that there are possibly more triggers within Van Helsing Rising that I may have missed.

I am an experiment, data to be collected, nothing but a number.

At least that was how my life had been until I was rescued by the most unlikely group of men.

Rescued might be too strong a word though.

The men of the Immortal Hunters Motorcycle Club aren’t exactly friendly. And when I find myself locked in a cage, yet again, I begin to question their intentions. They aren’t a regular MC though. Yes, they are heartless, merciless, violent, chaotic… but it’s all in the name of saving humans from supernaturals.

These men are tortured, each one stuck living with the demons of their pasts, and some of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen. Even if they are a little psychotic.

I can’t get attached though. Not when my life is on the line. And definitely not when I find out that I might be more dangerous than all of them combined.

From GoodReads [x]:


Van Helsing Rising was a good story–I’ll give it that. The story overall was one that I enjoyed, and there’s nothing about the book or the story that I would complain about. Which is great.

VHR is a fast paced book that feels even faster than my “normal” fast paced books due to the fact that there are a total of 5 different points in this first book alone. I have no idea about the second book, because 1, I haven’t read it, and 2., with the way that VHR ended, I definitely think another pov will be added into the story.

There are 4 povs in Van Helsing Rising that come from a male viewpoint, and the only female point of view we read from is Dani.

The guys are all great, and they’ve all kind of melded into one point of view in my mind. Which is irksome, but happens quite frequently when the guys are all so similar in personality. They’re similar in the “we protect women, children, and animals” but like, the only guy that stands out in my mind from the 4 (Striker, Dragon, Crash, and Phoenix) of them is Crash. ..because he likes to cook, and likes to have people to feed.

Having said that, the different points are all good and dandy. They all absolutely brought oomph to the story–more so Dani, who we primarily read from.

There are definitely moments within Van Helsing Rising that I liked: Dani coming into herself, resolving and promising to herself that she’s not going to be that scared young woman she once was. Instead being, I guess, the person who can stick up for themselves (and maybe others?) who, even when they might be afraid, can fight her damnedest out of life and death situations. — Even though this was never said in any way within the book. Perhaps I’m just projecting what I want(?).

I want to say that Van Helsing Rising was over way too quickly, but now that I’ve actually finished reading the book, I’m not too sure. Looking back on the story and what happened, a lot of it feels almost…cliche? Even thought while I was reading VHR the story didn’t feel cliche to me at all.

Unfortunately, I found the book to be almost completely predictable. I say almost, because there were definitely some scenes / plot scenes that I didn’t foresee coming.

Overall, I want to say that I genuinely really enjoyed the book, but I’m not entirely sure if I feel that way. I definitely feel like the book wasn’t what I would have imagine it to be. For instance: for sure htought there were going to be vampires, since you know, the whole Van Helsing name throw.

Will I read the next book? Probably. I want to know how the cliffhanger gets resolved.

I’m giving Van Helsing Rising, 2 stars.

Have you read a supernatural Motorcycle Club book before?

I think Van Helsing Rising may have been the first for me!

Thank you for stopping by.

See you soon, and happy reading.


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