Dear Heart, You Screwed Me, by Ashlee Rose | Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my book review of:

Dear Heart, You Screwed Me, by Ashlee Rose.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Death of a loved one (partner), mention of Car Accident resulting in death, Grief, Sex Scenes, (Accidental) Pregnancy.

Dear Heart,

I can’t believe I am even writing this.
I wanted a fresh start, to follow a new dream that I had to find after I lost Elijah.

Moving to New York was the best thing for me.
I had it all planned out.
New Friends, New Job and a New Adventure.

And a new adventure I had.

My best friend’s dad.
It was supposed to be a taboo fling… but it was so much more.

We were tied together by more than a mutual connection.
It ran deeper than blood.

The thought of starting over again petrified me, but here I am, ready for a new beginning and the new adventure I craved, it just wasn’t the one I had planned.

Dear Heart, you screwed me.

Dear Heart, You Screwed Me is such an emotionally charged story.

There are two points of view of within the book–which I’m thankful for. Otherwise the story altogether would have been a bit too melancholy for me.

Reese; the female lead, and Killian; the male lead are both the kind of person who, when they’re feeling down and sad and just down emotionally, they make it seem like their world is going to end. And personally (because idk about you, reader) their unnecessary wo-is-me moments pissed me right off.

As I mentioned above, Dear Heart, You Screwed Me is a serious emotional roller coaster. Both of their emotions are all over the place, which in retrospect makes the story a wild ride…and I’m not sure if I want to hop on it again.

This book is a standalone, but the series is a companion series. I haven’t read the second book yet (it’s not currently out as I’m typing this), but I expect that the next book is going to be one hell of a wild ride. It may just give its’ readers whiplash, like Dear Heart, You Screwed Me, almost gave me.

Something that I absolutely loved about the book; that honestly shocked me, was the fact that the story took on more of a spiritual turn. I did’nt expect this at all, so it really shocked me, and what happened almost moved me to tears. Though to be fair to myself, I have to say that this bit felt like a last ditch effort to save the story. The scene I’m talking about both fits and doesn’t fit within the story, ’cause it’s never mentioned again, and because it’s never mentioned again really confuses me.

Lastly, the pace of the book is insanely fast even though most of the story only takes place over a few weeks. Of course there are time skips here and there, but for the most part, it felt like only 6 weeks passed, haha.

Overall I’m giving 1.5 stars to Dear Heart, You Screwed Me.

Have you read Dear Heart, You Screwed Me? What did you think of it?

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See you soon, and happy reading.


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