This Dark Wolf, by Everly Frost | Book Review

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Today on the blog I have my book review of:

This Dark Wolf, by Everly Frost.

This Dark Wolf is the first book in the Soul Bitten Shifter series.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Blood, Fighting, Abuse mentions, Kidnapping (happens twice), Gun Shots, Murder, Witness to a Murder, Possible sex scenes (can’t remember).

Please note that I may have missed some possible triggers.

I am a wolf shifter born with a human soul.
Packless. Mateless. Unable to bond.

Cast out of my pack, I live in a supernatural safe house filled with broken women. Other women come and go, but I remain.

I’m waiting.
For him.
Tristan Masters—the ruthless alpha of the most vicious pack in the city.

He fought for my life when my pack wanted to kill me. He saved me. I should be able to trust him.

But I know better.

Tristan Masters wants my wolf; my killer soul. When he’s ready, he will use me to destroy his enemies.

Tristan thinks he owns me. He thinks there are no consequences because I can’t bond to him.

He’s going to discover that I am nobody’s to command.

This dark wolf will bite back.

This is a dark urban fantasy romance. Full length. 17+ for sex scenes and language.

This Dark Wolf had a darker start to it than I had imagined; but in doing so it was easy to see just how resilient the main character is to her abuser’s. Being cast as a freak from a young age she didn’t really have anyone to rely on, except for her father. From what I understand, her dad was a hard-ass. He clearly loved his daughter–the main character–and because of how the others treated the main character, her dad made damn sure that his daughter would be able to protect herself. — We see this very early on in This Dark Wolf.

The state of the story changes pretty quickly, and there are time-jumps in the story. Though it’s as if no time had passed at all (example; we’re reading the story, and then the next chapter starts with “Two Months Later..”).

Actually, in all honestly I was so ingrained in the story that I ended up reading both This Dark Wolf, and This Broken Wolf (book 2) in one sitting. And you betcha, both books have melded into one. *throws sparkles* Story of my liiiife, hahaha.

This Dark Wolf was a 3 star read, and book 2 is the same.

In fact, This Broken Wolf has a fast pace to it, and the plot progresses quite quickly. Much happens in the second book, and while it was interesting to read, it all felt more like an info-dump than anything else.

Have you read This Dark Wolf, or anything else written by Everly Frost?

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