Sins of the Damned, by Elena Lawson | Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my book review of:

Sins of the Damned, by Elena Lawson.

Sins of the Damned is the second book in the Fallen Cities: Elisium series.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Sex, Torture, Death, Blood, Fighting.

I made a deal with a demon: my freedom in exchange for forty days at his side. Little did I know how much more I would be giving up.

My naivety? Definitely.

My sanity? Possibly.

My heart? Irrevocably.

Kincaid is cruel. Savage. A monster. I should hate him, but something inside of him whispers to the dark parts of me, bringing me back to life. So, when he says needs me, I owe it to him to try.

Two of the seven lords of Hell are dead, and I may be the only creature on this mortal coil able to reach them. But my power is drawing unwanted celestial attention, luring in new foes on all sides until it’s impossible to know who to trust.

Better the devil I know, than the ones I don’t.

To be honest, I found Sins of the Damned to be completely predictable. Which is completely okay, because the ‘twist’ is quite juicy! And I loved how it was revealed to us.

Lots happened in this second book. Too much to clearly think back on what happened.

We get to know more about Paige’s abilities as someone who can use spirit magic. We get to know more about Caspar, and, thankfully, Art doesn’t get hurt in this series.

In my review of Kiss of the Damned I may or may not have mentioned two side characters. In that review I said that I believed that Art would end up getting seriously hurt, or killed in the series. I’m going to be shocked if he doesn’t. It’s gonna hurt like hell if he does though. — Art has clearly grown on me, hahah.

I’m looking forward to reading the next book, like honestly. Because I need to know what happens, hurry up missy. I mean, take your time, I can wait, but I found these two books to be absolutely addictive, and as a fan of the series, I need to know what happens.

Honestly, I still haven’t ruled out if this series is a reverse harem series or not. So far things haven’t progressed in that direction, but I cannot say for sure.

I’m giving Sins of the Damned, 4 stars.

Have you read anything by Elena Lawson?

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