Kiss of the Damned, by Elena Lawson | Book Review

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Today on the blog, I have my book review of:

Kiss of the Damned, by Elena Lawson.

Kiss of the Damned is the first book in the Fallen Cities: Elisium series.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Vague mentions of Torture, Torture mention, Child Abuse mention (via MC), Emotional Abuse mention (via the MC).

Paige has no interest in being a demon’s plaything.

She shouldn’t even be in the Fallen City of Elisium, but all it takes is one Nephilim jerk proclaiming her to be tainted and that’s exactly where she winds up.

The demons she encounters there are vile, wicked beings, though none more so than Kincaid: the cruelest and most powerful of them all. To ensure her safe return home, Paige must strike a bargain with him.

Forty days in exchange for her freedom.

With no other option, she agrees. If Kincaid’s interest in her can help solve the riddle of her origin and aid in her escape from Elisium, she figures it’ll all be worth it.

Only, the more time she spends with Kincaid, the more the tenuous line between love and hate melts away. Soon, Paige will be forced to confront something far more disquieting than the truth of her heritage: a confusing connection with a demon that she cannot deny.

From bestselling author, Elena Lawson comes the first book in an inventive new series that will thrust the reader into a world of dark temptation, deception, and desire.

Perfect for fans of L.J. Smith, Kresley Cole, and enemies-to-lovers romances. Enter the supernatural world of Fallen Cities in Kiss of the Damned today.

*This book is part of a series and ends in a cliffhanger.*

At first I thought that Kiss of the Damned would be kinda boring. I read it anyway, and I’m so glad that Kiss of the Damned isn’t boring at all.

The characters in Kiss of the Damned are all ones that I like, though I have a feeling that there are two (mostly) side characters that are going to die. For one, I figure that it’s going to be a particularly gruesome death for these mentioned characters. And sad deaths, at that, because Paige really does like this particular character–speaking of, this person is probably the first and only friend that Paige has had.

Actually, I didn’t know what to make of the story, even though the first part of the book (mostly the first few chapters) are pretty sad, in my opinion. You get a great deal of what Paige’s first 19 years of her life were like.

With that said, things look up the deeper we get into the novel. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how Kiss of the Damned ended. We find out just enough about Paige, and the plat, to go onto wanting to read the sequel. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do! It’s all I can really think about in this moment to be honest, haha.

By the end of this first book, there was no sex scenes within the book. Which surprised me, because I totally thought that there would be at least one.

To be honest I’m kinda surprised by Kiss of the Damned, since from what I can remember, I haven’t really enjoyed Lawson’s books in the past…

In the end, I gave Kiss of the Damned, 3 stars.

Have you read Kiss of the Damned, or anything else written by Elena Lawson?

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