Dead to Me, by Annie Anderson | Book Review

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Today on the blog I have my review of:

Dead to Me, by Annie Anderson.

Dead to Me is the first book in the Grave Talker series.

Please Note that I didn’t record / write down any triggers that this book may have.

Meet Darby. Coffee addict. Homicide detective. Oh, and she can see ghosts, too…

There are only three rules in Darby Adler’s life.
One: Don’t talk to the dead in front of the living.
Two: Stay off the Arcane Bureau of Investigation’s radar.
Three: Don’t forget rules one and two.

With a murderer desperate for Darby’s attention and an ABI agent in town, things are about to get mighty interesting in Haunted Peak, TN.

What an interesting novel. For real for real. I love a good murder-mystery novel, and wowee. Dead to Me certainly did not disappoint.

My favourite thing about this book where the sparks of romance, because, let’s be real, La Roux and Darby will definitely have a thing happen. When or where, I’m not sure—it definitely wasn’t in this book!

Another thing that I liked was that Darby has powers! So this book isn’t that kind of paranormal murder-mystery wherein the main character has a tough go of things. Like really, I genuinely enjoyed the fire that Darby has in her soul. Gosh, if she were real, I could only hope to be her friend.

Ok, so for the flow of the story, I’d say that everything flows extremely well. I have absolutely no complaints. Zip. Nada. None. I actually loved how fast the plot developed, and where it went.

I can’t say I’m too peachy about the ending of Dead to Me. ..but then again I’m intrigued just enough to want to read the second book.

I will say that there were times that the story was written so well that I could predict what would happen. I could even tell what a character was going to say before they were so *rudely* cut off.

With that being said, I really did enjoy Dead to Me.

I give Dead to Me, 3.5 stars.

Have you read Dead to Me, or anything else written by Annie Anderson?

Thank you for stopping by.

See you soon, and happy reading.


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