The Tycoon, by Molly O’Keefe | Book Review

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The Tycoon, by Molly O’Keefe.

The Tycoon is the first book in the King Family series.
The King Family series is a companion series.

Triggers / Content Warnings: Sex scenes, Emotionally Abusive Father, Abusive Step-Mother (unspecified), mentions of Theft, mentions of Parents Death, Death of a Parent.

C12FE185-DCE2-4056-9D6F-40C17C5FA330The cruel and beautiful man who ruined my life has everything he wants—everything except me.

Five years ago, Clayton Rorick loved me. Or so I thought. Turned out he only wanted to get his hands on my daddy’s company. Heartbroken, I ran away with nothing but the clothes on my back. Like a twisted Cinderella. When my father dies, leaving my sisters in a desperate situation, it’s up to me to help them.

I’ll have to beg the man who broke my heart to save us.

But Clayton hasn’t forgotten me and what he wants in exchange for his help is…my body, my heart and my soul.

Being as honest as I can possibly be, I found The Tycoon was…an alright story. The Tycoon definitely has ups and downs. One thing that the story as a whole, is, that it’s an emotional rollercoaster.

Within The Tycoon there’s two different points of view.

The female lead was alright — she doesn’t believe any compliments that come her way because she has two “prettier” sisters. Throughout the story I found the female lead to be emotionally damaged, because her father is emotionally absent.

The male point of view was alright, as well. Though I liked having his point of view, just because he comes off as super standoff-ish, and seeing him through the female leads’ view wasn’t always in the best light.

However, if you are a fan of happily ever afters, The Tycoon definitely has one.

Overall, I gave The Tycoon, 1.5 stars.

It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s more that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. And frankly, I found the story to be pretty stale, personally. That’s just me though!


Have you read The Tycoon, or any of the other King Family books?

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