Hunted, by Erica Woods | Book Review

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Today I have my book review of:

Hunted, by Erica Woods.

Hunted is the first book in The Feral Souls trilogy.

Trigger / Content Warnings: Blood, Stabbing, Torture, mention of Prolonged Torture, mention of Torture, PTSD Flashbacks, PTSD, mention of Starving, mention of Sexual Assault, Attempted Rape, Murder, Castration, Beheading, Consensual Oral Sex, Abandonment.

Note: There may be more potential triggers. I don’t believe I noted all potential triggers.

A60DD01F-262B-43ED-962B-44512605DFDFThe only way to escape is to die.

For eighteen years I’ve suffered at the hands of the Hunters. For eighteen years they’ve done their best to break me, to tear me open and unleash the terrifying monster that lives within.

Until the day they go too far.

When a desperate escape leads to another brush with death, I’m forced to place my trust in the hands of four formidable strangers. Wild and untamed, their feral natures call to me, their warrior hearts make mine come alive. And when they offer me a place to stay while I heal, I can’t say no.

But the secrets I carry are deadly, and my past is a twisted, evil nightmare better left forgotten.

They may think they want to know me, they may think the secrets they guard behind hard eyes and closed expressions comes close to the ones I keep. But should they ever discover just who they’ve let into their home, just what I really am…their hatred could be the one thing that finally breaks me.

And if I break, the darkness inside me will finally be free.

From GoodReads [x]:


To be honest, I didn’t know if whether or not I’d stay with Hunted. Yet, I’m glad I did.

Not knowing whether or not the main character was a shifter, I was glad to find out that she was! Is? Oof, either or our main gal is a shifter hehehe. Though honestly, I don’t think that I’ve read a book wherein the main character has been human from the start, and has stayed human. And to be frank with you, I am so glad that that isn’t the case within Hunted.

At times when I was reading Hunted, the story felt incredibly long and seriously drawn out. .. I believe that’s why I went back and forth between deciding on whether or not to DNF the book. Honestly, I just wish that the story would let the other ball drop, like… how do I explain..? I felt like, for the longest time while reading Hunted that we the reader are just at the top of the crest of the story, waiting for something to actually happen.

Yet I will concede that most all things are cleared up within this first book. I cannot tell you how happy I am, that the things I had questions about were pretty much answered.

Saying that I’m happy with the first book also makes me realize how frustrated I was, too. There are a couple of main points within the book that weren’t mentioned, or were ever skirted around. While I understand that, plot-wise this….(shall we call it) stretching.. needed to happen. As a consumer though, I’m more inclined to be… I-need-to-devour-this-story-ASAP.

Apart from my vagueness that I cannot even begin to unravel, 1-year-post-reading, there were a few other good points within the novel. Such as..

The points of view! Yes, points as in plural. Hehehe *smirk* there are multiple povs within Hunted, and I enjoyed all of them.

In terms of character growth, there’s quite a bit that happened. Hope (main character) isn’t a completely terrified woman anymore. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But comparing Hope-at-the-end-of-the-book, to the Hope-at-the-beginning-of-the-book, Hope grew substantially. I cannot wait to see how she grows further.

Overall, I give Hunted, 4 stars.

Have you read Hunted, and if so, what did you think of it?

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