Wreck & Ruin, by Emma Slate | Book Review

Hello, and welcome to Adele Is Reading! Today I have my book review of:

Wreck & Ruin, by Emma Slate.

Wreck & Ruin is the first book in the Blue Angels Motorcycle Club series.

Trigger / Content Warning: Guns, Gun Violence, mention(s) of an Absentee Parent, Gang Violence, Potential Death, Death, Death via Drowning, Death by Gun Violence, mentions of Attempted Drugging, mentions of Rape, Rape, Assault, mentions of Assault, Gun Shot, mention(s) of Gun Shots, mentions of Drug Cartel.

9A79C200-43D9-431E-9971-241984DE7EFDMy life is boring. Monotonous.

And then tall, dark, and dangerous walks into the bar where I work.

Before I know it, I’m in his arms asking him to rescue me.

He’s Colt Weston, President of the Blue Angels MC.

Colt makes me feel alive…and wanted.

The Blue Angels embrace me as one of their own, and when a violent rival threatens to tear us apart, I learn what loyalty truly means.

Family. Sacrifice. Revenge.

There’s nothing Colt won’t do to protect me.

Seriously–if any of these are your triggers, I suggest maybe not reading Wreck and Ruin. However, I myself don’t have any of the above mentioned triggers.

I ended up enjoying Wreck & Ruin about as much as I thought I would. Actually, while reading I ended up laughing a tonne.

There’s only one point of view within Wreck & Ruin, and I don’t know if I should be glad or a little saddened by that. The main character is great to read from, but I also quite enjoyed the love interest, too. I actually really liked them together.

Without saying too much about the book (mostly because it’s been over a year since reading W&R, and my notes on the book are little-to-nothing) I was incredibly saddened by the useless deaths in the book. — Like I know they (maybe) serve a purpose, but DAMN, the deaths were useless. Maybe for like, shock value, but at what cost?! I like those characters, Emma. *sad face*

Fun fact!: Wreck & Ruin was my first read of 2021!

I ended up giving Wreck & Ruin, 3 stars.

Have you read Wreck & Ruin, or any other Motorcycle Club romances?

See you soon, and Happy Reading!


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