Mini Book Review Pack (#2): Her Dragon Daddy, Ill Will,The Tiger Kings, Forged in Fire, Deadside Reapers

Hello, and welcome back! Today on the blog we have another Mini Book Review Pack.

These kinds of posts are going to be a normal thing from now on. I find it immensely easier if I were to do mini reviews here and there, where they’re hopefully easier to read. Whereas, if I did a “full” book review for each and every book I read. So…here you go!

Her Dragon Daddy (Black Claw Dragons, #2) by Roxi Ray

TW: Spousal Cheating, Marriage Separation, Divorce, Abandonment, Implied Substance Abuse (via parent), Kidnapping, Gunshots, Gun Violence, Attempted Murder, Murder. 

Not gonna lie, I thought that Her Dragon Daddy would’ve been entirely kinkier. 

I don’t think I read the synopsis for HDD, and I was fine with that. 

Overall the plot of HDD moves incredibly quickly, and it’s also somewhat predictable. Usually I don’t like predictable books, but with Her Dragon Daddy, I was slightly OK with that. 

I give Her Dragon Daddy, 2 stars. 

NOTE: The Black Claw Dragons series is a companion series. I believe they should be read in-order due to the fact that all of the stories will mention each other in some way or another.

Ill Will, (Bonds of Blood, #1) by Cate Corvin || Reverse Harem

Step-siblings fuck. Ew. 

BOOK 2: MC’s view of Shadow worlders has changed pretty drastically. Gets made into a vampire.

Honestly, I wrote only a little for both books. Book 1 gets a 1 star because of the step-siblings relations.

Not going to lie with you, the cover for Ill Will is SUCH a badass cover that when I stumbled upon it, I think I read the book right away. Ill Will is another book that I had high hopes for. To be honest, my hopes were higher than “high.” They were freaking soaring…..and then I read the books.

There are a lot of steps being taken behind the scenes that the characters don’t know about. More akin to “higher powers,” I guess I should say. Never the less, I’m not continuing on with the Bonds of Blood series, EVEN THOUGH I want to because of the relationship that the badass MC has with her lover and confidant in the second book.

Maybe I just need time to…deny the fact that the step-siblings had sex? Really though, I cannot excuse the fact that they did what they did and I am dooooone with the series.

The Tiger Kings, by Melody Rose || Reverse Harem

Entertaining, for sure. Had high hopes for the story, and was majorly let down. I’m almost glad that The Tiger Kings is a standalone. I’m not too sure if I’d read more of their story, which became such a sad story in the end.

I actually remember being so happy when I read The Tiger Kings, ’cause there was so much promise to not only the characters, but the story overall as well. What I remember from the ending is that it felt completely rushed, and the author either didn’t know how to keep the story going, or decided to drop the story and ended The Tiger Kings as soon as possible.

2.5 stars. 

Forged in Fire (Academy of Olympus, #1) by Melody Rose

Enjoyed the little Greek Mythology lessons.

One thing that kept sticking out to me prior to reading the book, was that the main character is not suspectable to heat and most fire. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so that’s why I both read it as quick as I could, while simultaneously putting off Forged in Fire for as long as I could.

I’m sure that’s why I ended up not liking Forged in Fire more than I hoped I would’ve. I absolutely had high hopes for the story.

When I got to reading Forged in Fire, sure there were parts that I enjoyed reading, but there were even more parts to the plot, and story telling that I absolutely did not like. I am over the pettiness of cliques, and “family lines” being the sole reason why someone can’t be friends with one another. You are not your ancestors, people. — Yes, you’re descendants of Gods, but holy s-h-i-t dude, that does NOT give you the right to act they way that (yes) most of the characters had acted. It does NOT give you a reason to bully and belittle (maybe even kill) your fellows!!!!!!! SHIT!

So needless to say, by the end of Forged in Fire, I’m 90% sure I will not be continuing on with the Academy of Olympus series.

I gave Forged in Fire, 2 stars.

This last review will be a little of a whirlwind, since I read the entire series in one sitting, and I didn’t take a lot of notes like I should have….oops!

Deadside Reapers series by Debbie Cassidy Books 1 – 5 || Reverse Harem

TW: Stabbing, Death, and others.

All books were tremendously compelling to read. I like MC as soon as she let her colours fly—-and that was pretty much right off the bat (aka, almost as soon as the book starts).

Book 4; TW kidnapping, Attempted Kidnapping, Stabbing, Drugging.
— We got more history & more drama. Good! Made the story even more amplified.

Book 5;
Did Not Write Anything Down. Why Do You DO This Adele. ?!

Apparently, there are more books out. I did not know this. I need to fix my not-read-those-last-2-books. Immediately. thank u.

If you’ve read any of these books, please let me know! I’d love to gush about the stories and characters with you!!!!!

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy Reading,


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