Lost Royals Series, by Eva Blackwing | Series Book Review

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Today I have my series book review of the Lost Royals trilogy by Eva Blackwing.

My review today is going to be a short and quick one–typical of how I usually write my book reviews.

Trigger Warnings: Emotional Abuse mentioned (in childhood as well), Mental Abuse mentioned (in childhood as well), Molestation, Attempted Kidnapping, Blood (from injury).

Fae: Lost (book 1) was so fun to read. I loved the witty banter, the relationship between everyone.. I especially loved the fae elements of the story, and I … gosh, I ended up loving just about everything within the first book. I have got to say though, there are quite a few triggers.

Fae: Beginnings (book 2) was just as much as a fun read as Fae: Lost was. Another quick thing that I loved about this second novel was that Beginnings starts right as Lost ended.

Fae: Crowned (book 3) was a super satisfying read as well.

I ended up giving each of these books 3 stars.

Have you read the Lost Royals series?

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