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Today I bring you my review of Sapphire & Lotus, by Audrey Faye & Shae Geary.

Sapphire & Lotus is the first book in the Dragon Kin series.

The ancient prophecy speaks of the five, those who will come to save all of dragonkind. Like most prophecies, it leaves out a lot of the important details…

The very ordinary elf girl who runs for the hills—and gets lost in a forest instead. The dragon egg, precariously perched high in a tree on a dark winter’s night.

And what happens when egg meets girl.

Dragon Kin: Sapphire & Lotus is book one of a new fantasy series for readers of all ages. If you love dragons, ordinary heroes, or bravery that has to be earned one day at a time, we hope you’ll give this book a try!

Going into Sapphire & Lotus, I had incredibly high hopes for the story. While Sapphire & Lotus didn’t quite meet my overall expectations… I enjoyed it, nevertheless.

Within S&L there’s only one point of view. There are two things that I liked about S&L: we get to know a bit of Sapphire’s story / personal history, and THERE IS DRAGON TALK/SPEAK, and it was such a freaking treat that was included. Oooh, and seeing the people of this story live with their dragons was so cool and amazing, and, can you feel me freaking out right now?!

I’m disappointed though, to know that the other books in this series aren’t going to be told in Sapphire’s point of view. Which is something that I hadn’t anticipated, but I was also pleasantly surprised with the next book anyhow.

In the end, I gave Sapphire and Lotus, 3 of 5 stars.

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