HIATUS ? | Adele Is Reading

Hello all! Thank you so much for checking out this post.

I want to just go out and say it, so here it is:

I’m on a blogging / Instagram hiatus.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much, and that is 100% because blogging is now usually the last thing that’s on my mind.

When will I be back? 

I’ll be here and there posting my monthly updates, because I genuinely like keeping a somewhat public track record of what I’ve been reading. I also like having it in the format that I do it in because goodreads sometimes doesn’t get it right, and I legit have no idea how to fix that within the goodreads site. Like, I get the days right, but goodreads will put book 3 before book 2 and I’m like “excuuuuse me that is not the order that i read those books in.” >_ >

I’ve also been having a ton of fun reading whenever I can (which admittedly isn’t much these days (save for May, I went hog-wild in May). I’ve been keeping track of my thoughts  from the books I read via my Notes app. I know that when I get back around to reviewing books again, I’ll be sooooo confused on what I’ve said, so forgive me if most of the future book reviews I post will be in a bulleted list format!! >_<;;
(I’m already like, 25+ books in.) yikes

I’m also really enjoying digital journaling on my goodnotes app! I like having the limitless re-arranging possibilities that physical journalling would hinder me from.


so, …… thank you. I know you might not stick around, and that’s 100% okay. If you do stick with me though, thank you so much ❤


See you in the next one!

Happy Reading!

3 thoughts on “HIATUS ? | Adele Is Reading

  1. Kristina says:

    As i’ve been personally struggling SO. MUCH. with getting ideas and the energy to actually write it, I totally understand you xx

    You know, if it’s easier for you; you don’t need to review all of them over here. Sometimes I choose to just review on GR, or sometimes not at all xd
    That’s good that you enjoy journaling! things like that I just MUST do it physically, or else I feel like I’d just completely forget about it rofl xd

    Hope that June is kind to you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • adeleisreading says:

      I apologize for my reply to take over a year to form! Thank you for the kind comment, and yes, I do realize that I can just *not* post a review xD. But my pea-sized brain is like “WE MUST. OR ELSE YOU FORG—oooh, a pretty book cover” hahahaha XD

      Liked by 1 person

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